My research focuses on landscape response to climate change, over the long term and over the recent past. Some of my current research projects focus on quantifying glacier change in response to warming climate and warming oceans, the landscape response to changing glacier dynamics, and the effects of climate change on meltwater resources in BC, Patagonia, Antarctica, Greenland and the Himalayas. I am fascinated with all rates of geomorphic change, particularly the effects of humans on the landscape and how we compare to other natural geomorphic agents such as glaciers and rivers.

Current Research ProjectsIMG_4468

  • Assessing rates of glacial, fluvial and anthropogenic erosion
  • Glacier erosion, fjord circulation, ice dynamics and climate change for the outlet glaciers of Patagonia and the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Calving dynamics and warming oceans: ice front melt fluxes from the outlet glaciers of western Greenland shapeimage_2
  • Recent fjord accumulation rates and the dynamics of the outlet glaciers of the western Antarctic Peninsula    
  • Glacier melt runoff and response to climate in the Indian Himalaya 
  • Glacier retreat, iceberg calving, proglacial lake storage and streamflow  at Bridge Glacier, BC
  • Physiographic signatures of the tectonic and climatic history of the Canadian Cordillera
  • Glacier sensitivity and the glacial history of High Mountain Asia

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