The growing popularity of fast food in Bangladesh

Just in a matter of a few years, fast-food has become increasingly popular in Bangladesh. Is it because of increased globalization? Maybe. What is certain is that consumer preferences are changing. People want food that’s cheap, convenient, filling, and tasty – that’s exactly what fast-food is.

Wimpy was one of the first international fast-food franchises established in Bangladesh. Then came Pizza Hut, A&W, KFC and all the rest. Fast food restaurants are now spread all over Dhaka, the capital city as well as many other cities in the country. Competition between the restaurants is intense. During the month of Ramadan, Pizza Hut gives special all-you can eat offers for iftar which prove to be quite popular. Pizza Inn, a franchise recently introduced to Bangladesh, has started to copy this tactic. Consumers show an overall positive attitude towards these chains because of quick and efficient service, quality of food, low prices and cleanliness of environment. Consuming fast-food has become a growing trend amongst the upper class society, teenagers and adults alike.

What does this mean for society? As fast-food chains are becoming more and more numerous, it is a growing concern that this will lead to increased ill health and child obesity. It is a well-known fact that fast-foods are high on starch, sugar and fat – the more you eat, the more calories you gain, the higher chances you have of getting diabetes and heart disease.

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