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My work in Canadian and postcolonial literatures is fundamentally interdisciplinary, bridging historical periods, literary genres, and national boundaries. As a result, I have been able to supervise and serve on the committees of MA and PhD students working on topics as distinct as: anti-apartheid and post-apartheid writing; Yoruban Missionary translations; Australian fiction; Asian North American writing; Indigenous literary history; Cree epistemologies; the Newfoundland diaspora; blogs; multimodal art; Canadian war art; rhetoric of health; Anglo-Indian Romance novels and the Raj revival; South Asian Canadian writing; South Asian partition narratives; the archives of J.M. Coetzee, Ryerson Press, and the Vancouver Poetry Society (separately); Haitian fiction; nineteenth-century Canadian environmental writing; Canadian modernism; American modernism; Danish postcolonialism; Mennonite writing; Canadian Englishes, and other topics.

Graduate and Honours Students Supervised and Committees (*indicates current)

*Sara Press PhD: World Literature and Rhetoric (Supervisor, 2016- )
*Sharon Engbrecht PhD:  Canadian Literature and Love (Committee, 2017)
 *Deena Dinat PhD: South African Post-apartheid Literature (Supervisor, 2014- )
Zehra Naqvi, Gabrielle Ricci, Sunmi Park, Yi Le Lu, Michael Prior, Serenity Yu, Daniel Van Wyk, Aisha Haque, Ben Wagler, Deanna Borren,  Kate Brindley.  

499: Graduating Honours Theses (Supervisor) and Astu 400: Student Led Seminars (Supervisor)

Lucia Lorenzi PhD: Canadian Literature and Rape Narratives (Committee, joined 2014-16 )
*Karen Correia Da Silva PhD: Western Front, Multimodal Art, and Literature (Committee, joined 2014- )
Erin Ramlo MA: “Clusters of Voices: Literary Social Activism in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, 200-2010” (Supervisor, 2012-2014)
Christina Turner MA: “J.M. Coetzee’s Intertextual Praxis: Reading Text, Intertext and the Archive in Life and Times of Michael K and Foe.” (Supervisor, 2012-13)
Gillian Dunks MA: “Reading the Field of Canadian Poetry in the Era of Modernity: The Ryerson Poetry Chap-book Series, 1925-1962” (Co-supervisor, 2012-13)
* Alicia Fahey PhD: “Canadian War Art” (Committee, 2012- )
* Brendan McCormack PhD English: Multiculturalism and Canadian Literature” (Supervisor, 2012- )
 Charity Matthews PhD English-Canadian Literature: “Women Writers and the Study of Natural History in Nineteenth Century Canada.”  (Supervisor, 2008-2013)
Genevieve Gagne-Hawes PhD English: British and South Asian LiteratureDiss: “Shadows of the Raj: Anglo-Indian Visions of Empire, the Raj Revival, and the Literary Crafting of National Character.” (Supervisor, 2007-2012)
* Monica Brown PhD English: Public Health Rhetoric/ Globalization (Committee) Diss:  (Committee, 2008 – )
Sunny Chan MA: “Cyberspace, narrative, and Poetics in Asian North American Literature” (Co-supervisor with C. Lee, defended 2012)
Grant Hurley MA: “The Lyric West: Reading the Vancouver Poetry Society 1916-1964”  (2011 Thesis supervisor with P. Badir, defended 2012)
Maia Joseph PhD English: Canadian Urban WritingDiss: “Urban Change and the Literary Imaginary in Vancouver, 1986-2010.” (Committee)
Paul Watkins MA: Canadian Literature: “Voice in Text: Translating Orality in Robert Bringhurst’s A Story as Sharp as a Knife, Harry Robinson’s Write It On Your Heart, and War Party’s The Reign.” (Thesis Committee, defended 2010)
James Phelan MA American Literature:  “Philip Roth”  (Thesis Committee, defended 2010)
Kathryn Grafton PhD English:  “Paying Attention to Public Readers of Canadian Literature: Popular Genre Systems, Publics, and Canons” (Supervisor, defended 2010)
Stephen Ney PhD English: Nigerian Literature and Christianity Diss: “Ancestor, Book, Church: How Nigerian Literature Responds to Missionary Christianity” (Committee, Defended 2010)

Christine Lyons

PhD English: Canadian Literature (Supervisor, withdrew 2010)
Julie Okot Bitek MA: Edwidge Danticat  (Thesis Committee, defended 2009)
Amanda Rheume MA: “Embodying History: The Memoirs of Canadian Female Political Trailblazers” (Thesis Committee, defended 2009)
Jennifer Delisle PhD English: Diasporic and Canadian LiteraturesDiss: “Newfoundland Diaspora.” (Supervisor, defended May 2008).
Mark Deegan PhD English: Modernism and the Sublime (Pro tem committee to 2008)
Mossarap Khan PhD English: South Asian Literature post-Rushdie (Supervisor, withdrew 2008)
Carolye Kutcha MA: Canadian Love Stories (Committee, defended 2008)
Travis Mason PhD English: “Ornithology Of Desire: Birding in the Ecotone and the Poetry of Don McKay” (Committee, defended 2007)
Deanna Reder PhD English – Diss: “Acimisowin as Theoretical Practice: Autobiography as Indigenous Intellectual Tradition In Canada” (Committee, defended 2007)
Sofie Cold-Ravnkilde MA: “Northern Voices Telling Histories of Danish (Post) Colonialism” (Supervisor, defended 2004)
Duffy Roberts MA: “Naming Canadian Literature” (Supervisor, defended 2004)
Terri Tomsky PhD English: South Asian-Partition Narratives  (Pro tem committee to 2005)
Michelle LaFlamme PhD English: Writing Mixed Race in Canada. (Pro tem committee to 2004)
Lisa Muirhead U of Manitoba: MA English- South Asian Partition Narratives (2002, Thesis Supervisor)
Amy Kroeker U of Manitoba: MA English- Mennonite Canadian Literature (2001, Thesis Supervisor)


Since 1998, I have taught classes on Canadian Studies, Multicultural Canadian Literature, Canadian Literature to 1967, Canadian Literature after 1967, World Literatures Written in English, English (1798-2000), Genre, Canadian Literature, Postcolonial Studies, African, South African, South Asian, Caribbean Literatures.

2017-18: Engl 470: Canadian Literature  and Engl 490 World Literature

2016-17: Engl 478 South African Literatures and Engl 222 Canadian Literature

2015-16: Engl 545 Environmental Canadian Writing; Engl 547 PhD Directed Reading: South African Literature; Engl 470 Canadian Literature; Engl 490 World Literatures; Engl 478 African Literatures

2004-  , University of British Columbia

1998-2004, University of Manitoba