Blog 3. The power of customer service: Haidilao Hotpot



In China, hotpot restaurants are everywhere. Haidilao can be the most popular hotpot chain in China. People are willing to wait for more than a few hours for a table in Haidilao without any complaint. Some of them even enjoy the waiting time. Waiting for hours seems like a tradition of Haidilao. How it is possible?

When you wait there for a table, you can get free manicures, free shoeshines, free internet access, free chess game, free snacks, etc. Therefore, people would not feel bored or angry, and they get a lot of things to do. When you finally have a seat, waiters would offer you protective bags for cell phones. Of course, the quality of food is also good. Haidilao almost satisfies every customer with any need. The remarkable service attracts more and more people, and now it is well-known that Haidilao provides extraordinary service.

The CEO of Haidilao, ZhangY advocates “service first, consumer first” as business philosophy. The outstanding service becomes a sustainable competitive advantage. People can enjoy the delicious food and royal service at the same time. The customer satisfaction builds up loyalty. They are more likey to have dinner in Haidilao again. When they feel great about the restaurant, they are happy to tell people around them. The positive word of mouth from loyal customers not only drives more people coming for dinner, but also set good reputation. The success all based on the high customer value. Every business leaders know the importance of customer service, but not many business emphasis it so much like Haidilao. Every new customers are impressed by the exclusive experience.  Apparently, the marketing strategy of Haidilao verifies the incredible power of customer service.

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