Dear Graduate Students,

Remember the cold damp of winter? Don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful weather we’re having!

GSS Social & Recreational

Switch up your routine on July 12th: reacquaint yourself with those muscles you don’t often hear from, and see Vancouver anew! We’re off on a 9km intermediate hike up Mt Seymour this Saturday. Join us! Registration closes end of day today. Click through for details and to register, and don’t forget to download and sign the waiver!

GSS Research & Conferences

The GSS and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is carrying out a qualitative study of graduate students’ perceptions of mentoring. We will be exploring graduate students’ perspectives on mentoring to inform and improve mentoring as an integral part of teaching and learning at UBC. We’d now like to invite you to participate in this study and share your experiences and perspective with us. Please review the official invitation letter and consent form then sign up to do your bit in helping us improve the graduate student mentorship experience at UBC!

GSS Opportunities

Koerner Library Research Commons is also offering various workshops to help graduate  students win! Workshops cover topics like Thesis Formatting, Citation Management using RefWorks, Zotero, or Mendeley, various workshops on using SPSS, and around Copyright. Use the keywords above to look up the dates and times of these workshops on the UBC Library Website

Remember kids: this World Cup, anything can happen. Heck, almost everything’s already happened! Second: in many ways, soccer is like life…

Best wishes,

Ngwatilo: for your GSS

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