Indigenous Community Planning Master’s program


Indigenous Community Planning – Summary

Greetings all,

The School of Community and Regional Planning is excited to get the word out about its Master Program’s Indigenous Community Planning concentration, as we hope to innervate a robust combination of Indigenous and non-Indigenous applicants. It’s a remarkable and intensive program about decolonized and equitable community planning, and we’re sure many among your network may find great value in it.

If you agree, may we ask if you could disperse this poster and fact-sheet throughout your channels?

We’re available for any questions about this. If you’re not the best person to reach about this, feel free to forward or to let me know someone better suited!

Thanks and all the best,

Kyle Mallinson (he/his/him)

Communications and Partnership Coordinator
UBC School of Community and Regional Planning

The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus | Musqueam Traditional Territory

Phone 604 822 5725 (or x25725 from a campus phone)

GradUpdate – Grad Wellness Series: Career Uncertainty, Foundations of Pedagogy, the CTLT Winter Institute, Project and Time Management, Writing Resources, and more.



In this issue, Grad Wellness Series: Career Uncertainty, Foundations of Pedagogy, the CTLT Winter Institute, Project and Time Management, Writing Resources, and more.

Registration now open

Grad Wellness Series: Career Uncertainty
Thursday, Dec 9 | 12:00 – 1:30 PM


Seats still available

How to Get Hired: The Job Search and Application
Alumni panel | Thursday, Dec 2 | 4:00 – 5:00 PM Register

Events and Opportunities

The following highlights some upcoming events. Please find more on and


Research Commons Digital Scholarship Team – GAA position
Apply by Dec 6 | 4 hrs/wk Learn more.


Attention White Women: Opportunity to be part of an anti-oppressive research project
6 workshops | Fridays Jan 21, Feb 4, 18, Mar 4, 18 & Apr 1 | 1:00 – 4:30 PM Learn more


Building Your Project Network Map (Mitacs Training)
Asynchronous course requirements must be completed prior to synchronous session.
Tuesday, Dec 7 | 9:30 – 11:30 AM Learn more

Project and Time Management (Mitacs Training)
Asynchronous course requirements must be completed prior to synchronous session.
Thursday, Dec 9 | 9:30 – 11:30 AM Learn more

For additional Mitacs Training courses specific to UBC, including project and time management, check out the list under the events tab here.


Working with shared and distributed arrays in Julia
WestGrid advanced-computing workshop series | Thursday, Dec 9 | 2:00 – 4:00 PM Register


CTLT Winter Institute: Sustainable, Inclusive and Thriving Communities
Monday to Thursday, Dec 6 to 9 | various times.
RegisterSchedule of Events. Topics include:

  • Teaching Professionalism: Nailing Jell-O to the Wall?
  • Lightweight Integrated Socio-Emotional Practices to Support Students’ Wellbeing
  • Emerging Media in the Classroom
  • Promising Practices to Embed Wellbeing in Learning Environments
  • Toward the Equitable Teaching of Speaking
  • Collectively Improving Literacy Surrounding Indigeneity, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with Reading Groups
  • Preparing Students to Write: Using Team-Based Learning to Boost Student Confidence
  • What Would an Accessible University Look Like? Perspectives of Disabled Instructors at UBC
  • 3D Virtual Objects in the Classroom
  • Hybrid Courses: Lessons Learned from Multi-Campus Instruction, and more.

Foundations of Pedagogy
Feb – Mar | Tuesdays 1:30 – 3:30 PM | In person
Learn more


Writing Resources
From the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication | Annotated academic texts, print and video guides to research and writing, science writing resources, and more. Explore

Call for Applications: Olav Slaymaker Scholarship in Environment


Olav Slaymaker Scholarship in Environment

The UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs is now accepting applications for the Olav Slaymaker Scholarship in Environment.

The $12,000 scholarship is open to current UBC graduate students who are working on topics related to environmental issues and who are supervised by a SPPGA faculty member.

The deadline to apply is December 10, 2021.

Learn More and Apply

CGS-M: Approaching deadline and important reminders


CGSM and Affiliated Fellowships – Important reminders

The deadline for students to submit their CGS-Master’s applications via the Research Portal is before 5 PM (PT) on Wednesday, 1 December 2021. This deadline is set nationally and is not flexible; UBC has no administrative authority/means to extend the deadline for applicants.

Unlike the Doctoral competition, CGS-M application materials cannot be revised after the deadline. Applicants are strongly encouraged to follow the application instructions and presentation standards when preparing their application.

Important reminders regarding transcripts:

  • The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies does not provide transcripts for award/scholarship applications.
  • The Transcript Checklist – Master’s covers questions related to transcript requirements.  The checklist is posted here:
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit up-to-date official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate studies via the Research Portal before the deadline. An application will be deemed ineligible if it does not include the up-to-date official transcripts required for determining grade point average (academic standing) in each of the last two completed years of study (full-time equivalent).
  • Transcripts cannot be updated or submitted separately after the deadline.

Important reminders regarding reference assessment forms:

  • Referees (faculty members) are strongly encouraged to complete their assessments and submit them via the Research Portal well in advance of the December 1 deadline (instructions).
  • Applicants cannot submit their CGSM application until the two reference assessment forms have been completed and submitted in the Research Portal. The deadline will not be extended for applicants who are unable to submit because of missing reference assessments.


UBC Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s

The UBC Affiliated Fellowships Master’s competition runs in concert with the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS-M; see below) competition. Approximately 50 fellowship with values ranging from $175 to $16,000 are offered through this competition. Current and prospective full-time UBC-Vancouver graduate students can apply regardless of citizenship or visa status. Students who are eligible for the CGS-M must submit a CGS-M application in order to additionally be considered for Affiliated funding.

Detailed Affiliated Fellowships-Master competition information with links to application and reference forms is available at:

Tri-Agency Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS-M)

Applicants for Tri-Agency CGS-M competition must be domestic students (Canadian citizen or PR) who are applying for or enrolled in graduate studies anywhere in Canada. Each applicant can select up to 3 universities with the same application. To be considered for a CGS-M at UBC, they must select The University of British Columbia as one of the 3 available institutions.

Details about this award opportunity, including eligibility and evaluation criteria, are available at: and our site at

Students who apply for CGS-M awards will automatically be considered for open/un-restricted Affiliated Fellowships.
To be considered for criteria-based Affiliated Fellowships, students should fill out and submit to their graduate programs the checklist available at:

UBC Deadlines for the Tri-Agency CGS-M / Affiliated Fellowships Master’s Competitions

  • Applicant deadline:1 December 2021 before 5:00 pm PST
  • Graduate program nomination deadline:  Late January (nomination deadline will be indicated in December)

CGSM and Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s information session

  • Interested applicants are invited to attend the CGSM information session on Friday, October 22 from 10:30 to 12:00.  REGISTER HERE.

What you can do now:

  • Importance of the application deadline.  CGS-M applications cannot be submitted or edited after the application deadline.  Late applications will be ruled ineligible. The CGS-M application deadline is set nationally by the CGS-M funding agency and is not flexible.
  • Please ask for reference letters early and to send the instructions to your referees
  • Check early if you have all of your official transcripts for all previous studies (including transfer credits). Transcript guidance for applicants is outlined on our CGS-M webpage.
  • Note that although the SISC academic history document is accepted for UBC CGS-M applications, it may not be accepted by other universities in Canada, so students applying elsewhere for the CGSM in addition to UBC should order official UBC transcripts.
  • It would help us greatly if you are using the same email in your CGS-M Research Portal login as in eVision or SIS. This is absolutely not a requirement, but it helps route the applications to correct programs quicker after the application deadline.



Doctoral Deadline reminder – Spring 2022 Graduation


The deadline for submission of Nominations for External Examiner for PhD candidates wanting to complete on the timeline for Spring 2022 Graduation is this week, Friday, November 26.
This is a flexible deadline, and there is still time for students to submit those forms. They should come in by the end of next week to reduce the likelihood of a delay in the invitation process.

As a reminder, the other dates candidates need to meet are as follows:

  • FRIDAY, 28 JANUARY 2022 – Doctoral dissertation (and supporting documentation) submitted to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for external examination
  • FRIDAY 25 MARCH – Last Day for Final Doctoral Oral Examination
  • FRIDAY, 22 APRIL – Acceptance of final, approved doctoral dissertation by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

The deadlines for April 30, 2022 Program end date are quite similar to these dates; it is important for students who want to participate in the Spring Graduation Ceremony to meet the timeline.

Students will be able to choose to defend either in person or on Zoom. We will work with students to select the most appropriate mode for their defense.

Please distribute this email to any faculty or students you think may be interested.



Robyn Starkey (Prounouns: No Preference)
Doctoral Exams Coordinator
Office of the Dean | Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus | Musqueam Traditional Territory
The University of British Columbia 170 – 6371 Crescent Road | Vancouver BC | V6T 1Z2 Canada
Phone 604 822 3989