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International Day of Forests Open House Event – Mar 21, 2014


Our friends in the Faculty of Forestry will celebrate next Friday, the International Day of Forests (March 21) with an open house event – a movie marathon, tree planting, etc. All students, staff, faculty members, researchers and anyone interested in forests is invited to join, if your schedule allows!

The highlight of the event – the documentary “MusicWood” (screening at 11:30 AM) – we’ve been promised some amazing acoustic guitar performances.

You can find a brief Event Schedule below, but for details on each, check out their International Day of Forests poster:

Event Schedule

 Time What Where
9:00 am Rainforest: The Secret of Life/Australia (52 min) FSC 1220
10:00 am 52 weeks/Colombia (28 min) FSC 1220
10:30 am Continuing Legacy: Tree planting ceremony (30 min) Main Mall Commons and FSC Atrium
11:00 am Cake & coffeeWinners of the photo competition FSC Atrium
11:30 am Musicwood (82 min)/USAView trailer >> FSC 1001
1:00 pm Song of the Forest/Taiwan (57 min) FSC 1222
2:00 pm Last Stand of the Great Bear/Canada (57 min) FSC 1220
3:00 pm Rhythms in the Clouds/Costa Rica (60 min) FSC 1220
4:00 pm A Working Forest: Its Future with Fire, People and Wildlife/USA (64 min) FSC 1220
5:00 pm The Queen of trees/Africa (52 min) Old Barn Community Centre, 6308 Thunderbird Blvd.
6:00 pm Kingdom of the Forest/Europe (50 min)
7:00 pm Climbing Redwood Giants/USA (52 min)
8:00 pm Amazon Alive: Jungle of the Mind (43 min)

Civic Governance Dinner and Keynote with Paula Daniels – April 4th

Join us Friday, April 4th for a Dinner & Keynote with Paula Daniels:

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Growing Local Economies, Feeding Local Communities
Friday evening Dinner and Keynote with Paula Daniels
April 4th, 2014 at the Coast Plaza Hotel in Vancouver

PAULA DANIELS is Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Los Angeles, on Food Policy and Special Projects in Water. She is the founder and full-time Chair of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.

REGISTER AT: http://www.eply.com/2014CivicGovernanceKeynote

Find out more about the full conference, April 4th – 5th, at: www.civicgovernance.ca/vancouver2014

Today: TerreWEB Seminar with Clara Roa (UBC Soil Science)

This week in the TerreWEB seminar series we are excited to have Clara Roa, who will be talking this Thursday about “A Web based tool for flow monitoring used by water communities.” Everyone is welcome!

When: This Thursday, March 6th
Where: Macmillan Building, Room 154
Time: 2:00-3:00pm (3:30 for scholars)

Abstract: Clara will show a virtual tool that explains how to monitor streamflows in small watersheds. The tool is aimed primarily at rural community water organizations (CWO). CWOs continuously deal with climate variability: in summer due to water scarcity and in the rainy season due high sediment loads in the streams. Monitoring flows aim to facilitate decision making processes to mitigate the impacts of droughts and to influence municipal budgets for acquiring protected areas.

Bio: Since 2005 Clara Roa-Garcia has been working with young people and local communities, doing research in natural resources. She is currently working in southwestern Colombia with community organizations that manage water for potable consumption. This internet-based project is part of her thesis, “Soils and land use in the Colombian Andes: influence on water yield and low flows in the dry season” that aims to show the role of two types of soils (from the central branch and the western branch of the Andes) on water regulation in watersheds, particularly in the dry season.

(Documentary) No Land, No Food, No Life

Poster for Screening of No Land, No Food, No Life

Thursday March 6th
5.15pm – Documentary: No Land, No Food, No Life
6.45pm – A discussion on issues raised by the documentary, facilitated by Dr. Hannah Wittman
Caseroom 2916, CAWP –  Forest Science Center 2424 Main Mall

‘No Land No Food No Life’ is a hard-hitting film which explores sustainable small scale agriculture and the urgent call for an end to corporate global land grabs. This feature length documentary gives voice to those directly affected by combining personal stories, and vérité footage of communities in Cambodia and Uganda who are fighting to retain control of their land.

This is the second event in a three-part series of film screenings and discussion entitled ‘Imbalances of Power in the World’s Forests’. The events aim to provoke consideration of the links between social and environmental injustices in the world’s forests, and our roles and responsibilities in a globalized world. Everyone is welcome to this free event. Snacks and drinks will be served.

Please RSVP to geeffilm@gmail.com.

Social Justice @UBC Noted Scholars Lecture Series: Dr. Alison Alkon

When: Jan 22, 12–1pm
Where: Jack Bell Building, 2080 West Mall, Room 028
Speaker: Dr. Alison Alkon, Assistant Professor and Chair of Sociology, University of the Pacific
Title: Black, White and Green: Food Justice, Farmers Markets and the Green Economy

Abstract: This talk will begin by describing the emergent concept of food justice, which is found at the nexus of inequalities and food and agricultural systems. It will lay out some of the guiding questions and theoretical antecedents that have helped to define the field. Next, Alkon will offer an example from her own ethnographic work in the San Francisco Bay Area. There, Alkon compared predominantly black and white farmers markets to better understand the ways that race and class shape the visions and goals that communities assign to sustainable agriculture. From this research she argues that both communities sought to create more just and sustainable food systems, and that efforts to do so were simultaneously inventive and limited by each market’s social location. However, she also describes how economic inequalities pervade both farmers markets in ways that cannot be resolved without broader structural changes. Alkon will draw from this knowledge to comment on the field of food justice research, and to highlight potential directions for new work.

Bio: Alison Alkon is Assistant Professor and Chair, Sociology at the University of the Pacific where she teaches and does research on food, the environment and inequalities of race, class and gender. Alkon’s books include Black, White and Green: Race, Farmers Markets and the Green Economy and Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class and Sustainability (co-edited with Julian Agyeman). These works have helped to establish the growing field of Food Justice Studies which explores how inequalities affect food and agricultural systems and how communities and policy makers are responding to these inequalities.

*Lunch will be provided at noon at no cost for those who RSVP: wynn.archibald@ubc.ca