Call for TA applicants for LFS 450 001


Call for TA applicants for LFS 450 001 (term 2)

Problem-based analysis of complex case studies aimed at increasing the sustainability of the UBC Vancouver campus food system. The main activities are integrated into the ongoing UBC Food System Project. Cases are specifically designed to require development of integrated disciplinary and interdisciplinary analysis.

Instructor is looking for someone with previous TA experience, solid writing and communications skills, and high degree of comfort-ability supporting and assessing interdisciplinary projects.


As a TA:

  • Attend all classes and assist with class and group facilitation
  • Participate in teaching team meetings and meetings with instructor
  • Read all Required Reading Materials in preparation for class discussions
  • Consult with students as needed to support individual and group assignments and learning needs (including meetings, email communication and responding to Canvas discussions)
  • Mark assignments:  Practitioner Literature Review (30-40), UBC Food System Project Proposal and Final Report (5-8) and Interim and Final presentations (5-8)
  • Review various  individual assignments for participation marks
  • Prepare and tabulate individual and group participation marks
  • Take attendance
  • Prepare and tabulate individual and group participation marks
  • Enter marks in Canvas
  • Other duties as required


Education: Graduate degree in an area related to Agriculture, Food Science, or Sustainability.

Experience: Experience in local food system analysis, critical thought, argumentation, and essay construction.

Skills: Good organizational skills and ability to correct / edit English essays for usage (i.e., grammar, spelling), structure, logic, and argument construction.

How to apply:

If you are interested in this position, please log onto TA portal and submit an application. If you have already submitted a TA application, please add this course to your list.