Just Scheduled: Problem-Based Learning Workshop – and TA Needs Assessment


Hello LFS TAs,

Thank you to those who attended the LFS TA Orientation. The 2019-2020 TA Handbook is now posted on the TA Portal.
Just Scheduled: Problem-Based Learning Workshop 
PBL is an active learning method that prompts students to analyze problems and determine what they need to find solutions. This technique is commonly used in medical education, and gaining popularity in other disciplines. This workshop is designed to not only help TAs succeed in PBL courses, but also to enhance teaching skills in learner-centered environments.
PBL Workshop for LFS TAs
Fri, Sep 6 | 9 AM – 12 PM
FNH 300
TA Needs Assessment 
What teaching skills would you like to develop this year? Facilitating discussions? Technology in the classroom? Preparing a teaching portfolio?
Tell us anonymously at: http://bit.ly/LFSTA_Needs
Upon submission, you can choose to enter the prize draw for LFS swag.
Have a wonderful weekend,