LFS TA Contract


The term of your appointment and what it means

Start/end dates for TA contracts and student appointments are:

  • September 1 to December 31  (Winter Session Term 1)
  • January to April (Winter Session Term 2)
  • September 1 to April 30 (Winter Session Term 1 and Term 2)
  • May 1 to June 30 (Summer Session Term 1)
  • July 1 to August 31 (Summer Session Term 2)
  • May 1 to August 31 (Summer Session Term 1 and Term 2)

Apart from official university closures, the course instructor can expect you to be available for the duration of the contract period.  If you are going to be away or unavailable at any point during the term of your appointment, please let the instructor know as soon as possible.

As per the CUPE 2278 collective agreement, TA’s are entitled to vacation hours.  As per the collective agreement, TA’s are expected to take vacation time at specified periods throughout the academic year and after consulting with the course instructor.

Personal Data Form, SIN, and Study Permit


If you are selected for a position and have never worked for UBC before, you will be required to submit supporting documentation: a UBC Personal Data form, copy of your valid student/work permit and a photocopy of your SIN. Please note that you cannot be hired at UBC without providing documentation of a valid Social Insurance Number (scanned copy of SIN card or SIN application Acknowledgement Letter).

If you do not have a UBC employee ID, please leave that section of the Personal Data Form blank.  The form is used by both new employees (who wouldn’t have an employee ID) and current employees (who would) needing to change their personal information.

If you are an international student, you MUST also have a valid student/work permit and will be required to submit a clear photocopy of this document.

Many international students have been encountering difficulties applying for Social Insurance Number for the start of the academic year, but Service Canada has just announced a solution.

The complication is an indirect result of changes to immigration legislation effective June 1, 2014, which resulted in new procedures for applying for a SIN. This has meant that certain study permit holders have been ineligible to apply for a SIN, and others have faced a delay of 30 business days after arriving in Canada.

As of Monday, September 8, 2014  study permit holders who are enrolled full-time for immigration purposes and have an on-campus job offer are able to apply for a SIN in person at any Service Canada Centre with the following documents:

  • A UBC Proof of Enrolment letter
  • A valid study permit
  • An on-campus job offer (for non-UBC employers, this will be a letter from UBC confirming the work is on campus)

Each of these documents has specific parameters so please refer to UBC’s online information about applying for a SIN and to International Student Development.


Current version of the LFS TA Contract:

This is the 2018 Winter Session LFS TA Contract email that you will receive if you have been offered a position:

Please read the following document completely, and retain it for future reference.

For security reasons, the LFS TA website requires VPN connection for anyone trying to access the site off-campus. For information/instructions on setting up VPN: https://it.ubc.ca/services/email-voice-internet/myvpn/setup-documents

Hi [views-send:field_name_1],

Thank you for your application for the TA position with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. We are happy to offer you a TA position for [views-send:field_course_session] term [views-send:field_course_term_number]:

[views-send:field_course_choice] for [views-send:field_user_assigned_hours] hours as a [views-send:field_classification].

Please note that this offer is conditional upon a minimum number of student registrations required to  warrant a TA for the course noted above. Therefore, if there is an insufficient number of student registrations for this course, then this TA position may be cancelled. 

To refer to the UBC Calendar for course scheduling https://courses.students.ubc.ca/cs/main?sessyr=2018&sesscd=W

To calculate the salary you will make from your TA assignment(s), multiple the number of assigned hours by the salary rate associated with your classification. You can find current salary scales on the TA Portal.

To see your position, and to accept or decline the offer, please log into https://ubclfs-gradapp.landfood.ubc.ca — your offer will be listed when you log in; click for details. Please reply to this offer as soon as possible so that we may process your appointment in a timely manner. PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to provide the required documentation to process your appointment before the beginning of the assignment (Personal Data Form, SIN and/or Study Permit), this offer may be rescinded.

By accepting the offer, you’re committing to fulfill your duties as a TA such as, for example, being available for the full duration of your appointment:
Summer Session Appointment dates:
Summer Session, Term 1: May 1 to June 30
Summer Session, Term 2: July 1 to August 31
Summer Session, Terms 1 & 2: May to to August 31

Winter Session Appointment dates:
Winter Session, Term 1: September 1 to December 31
Winter Session, Term 2: January 1 to April 30
Winter Session, Terms 1 & 2: September 1 to April 30

If you will not be available at any point during the dates listed in your contract, you MUST discuss this with the course instructor BEFORE accepting this offer.

If you have never worked for UBC before, you will be required to submit supporting documentation: a UBC Personal Data form, copy of your valid student/work permit and a photocopy of your SIN. You cannot be hired at UBC without a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN). If you are an international student, you MUST also have a valid student/work permit and will be required to submit a clear photocopy of this document. Please note: you must be able to provide all necessary supporting documentation needed to process your appointment at least THREE WEEKS prior to the start of the term in order for us to have enough time to process your appointment. If you have not provided this documentation, your offer may be rescinded.

BC legislation requires all UBC staff (including students employed by the University) to receive mandatory training in:
• New Worker Safety Orientation
• Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training
• Workplace Violence Prevention Training
• Privacy Matters & UBC

In order to accept your TA offer(s), you must confirm that you have either completed all four mandatory training modules or agree that you will commit to completing the requirement before the start of your TA assignment. Please refer to the TA Portal for more details: http://blogs.ubc.ca/lfsta/privacy-matters-training/

LFS TAs will be required to maintain a log of their worked hours. This document should be shared with the course instructor several times throughout the term of the TAship to best utilize the assigned TA support hours. TAs may submit this document at the end of their assignment to the Academic Coordinator, LFS.

Performance evaluations are an important aspect of the TA experience within LFS. TAs will be subject to an orientation at the beginning of the appointment, and formal evaluation at the end of their assignment.

Please do not accept this appointment if you are unsure of the expectations of you as a TA within LFS or if you are unwilling to accept any of the conditions including those listed above.

If you have any general questions about TA’ing within LFS, please refer to the online TA Portal blog (http://blogs.ubc.ca/lfsta/)

Zhaoming Xu
Associate Dean, Academic

Virginia Frankian
The University of British Columbia
Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Room 230 Food, Nutrition & Health Bldg.
2205 East Mall
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4
Phone: 604-822-0434
For all TA-related correspondence, please use lfs.ta@ubc.ca 

UBC hires on the basis of merit and is committed to employment equity.