Welcome to the LFS TA Portal blog.
This site was initially created to help prospective and current LFS Teaching Assistants find answers to the questions they may have about their TA appointments.  With the need to provide information and instructions to students, administrators, and instructors, it has been adapted to be a one-stop location for all things TA-related within the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Please keep in mind – this is a work in progress – it will grow to address the issues and concerns we receive through contact with our TA’s and instructors.  If you have any questions as a current or prospective TA or an instructor of an LFS course that has been assigned TA support hours, you are encouraged to look through the pages of this blog and, hopefully, learn a few things and find answers to your questions.  If not, please send us an email and we’ll try to find your answers.

We are committed to researching and developing ways of supporting you by providing our TA’s with in-house training opportunities and access to workshops and orientation sessions.  In addition, we have created an orientation and performance evaluation process designed with student professional development in mind.

Another way we continue to recognize and acknowledge the importance of TA’s to our Faculty, is with the creating of the LFS Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards.  Our first recipient of this new award was announced in Summer 2015.  With the addition of this award, we are now able to annually recognize outstanding performance through the LFS Graduate Teaching Assistant Award and the Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award.

For our new and returning TA’s, we sincerely hope your experience as a Teaching Assistant with us is enjoyable.

Virginia Frankian
Academic Coordinator, Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Shelley Small
Manager Graduate Programs, Faculty of Land and Food Systems