A View from Atop

hey guys, this is just a short descriptive piece I wrote after standing atop Buchanon Tower for the first time. Enjoy, and let me know what needs to be improved! 🙂

It’s strange that a single view can change a life. A glance, or a gaze; a blink that stretches out towards eternity. In this moment, I see everything: the reds, greens, and yellows painted with the finest brushstroke upon every leaf, mixed among the grey of the buildings; a pool of trees, intermixed with rocks, pushing against the tide. I see five pillar-apartments that guard the outer edges, and the celestial mountains on the horizon– the hair on their heads white with age.

I am above it all, an angel encased in stone. From this view, I see all the animals in their equality: the student scurrying to class, no different than the seagull, gliding through the wind towards its warm nest. How small and insignificant it all seems! Or the busses moving like remote control toys to the west, following a strict schedule, and for what? Will five minutes late change anything? I’m above them, and all I have to do is look towards the mountains to see that they are above even me—though I could try to be like them, I’m sure I must look so petty to them. Can they even see me?

One day I’ll come down. Some strange twist will bring my tower crashing down, and I’ll be an angel no more. But mixed among people once again, I’ll never be the same; always a purple among the green. All because I have witnessed the view from the top; its glorious light has blinded me. So I will climb again, groping among the surfaces of the night, until I once again can taste the sweet golden light.

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