The BC Research Libraries Group is proud to present

“Surveying the Landscape: Research Data Management,
Data Governance and Ethics”

Dr. Jacqueline Quinless
CLIR Data Fellow at University of Victoria McPherson Library
Adjunct Professor, Department of Sociology

Thursday, January 25, 2017, 1:00-2:30 pm

Location: University of Victoria McPherson Library / Mearns Center for Learning, Digital Scholarship Commons (3rd floor)

Registration: To attend the January 25 event in Victoria, please email Scott Johnston at

Webcast: If you are unable to attend, a live webcast will be hosted at

The history of the collection of data on Indigenous people across the globe has been problematic because of the methods which have failed to capture important differences relating to Indigenous peoples and communities and also in the way the data is processed, analyzed and disseminated. The 94 recommendations of the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) have further generated responses regarding how to address the impacts of residential schools.

This presentation will draw on a 2017-2018 campus-wide research study at the University of Victoria to discuss Research Data Management and challenges to open sharing. The conversation will explore topics related to data curation and data management, open access, and practices that are both ethically and culturally informed in the context of Indigenous protocols and data initiatives.

About the presenter:
Dr. Jacqueline Quinless
is currently a CLIR Data Fellow, and works in Digital Scholarship and Strategy at the University of Victoria. She is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Sociology and an award winning sociologist recognized by the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) and Angus-Reid Foundation for her community-based research to advancing Human Welfare in Canada.


AZ794 Z5 C53 2015
시민 의 교양 : 지금, 여기, 보통 사람들 을 위한 현실 인문학 / 채 사장 지음

BJ1594.5 K6 Y87 2013
어떻게 살 것 인가 / 유 시민

DS922.4642 N6 Y862 2016
대통령 의 말하기 : 노 무현 대통령 에게 배우는 설득 과 소통 의 법칙 / 윤 태영 지음

DS923.2 N63 2015
각 해 봤어? : 내일 을 바꾸기 위해 오늘 꼭 알아야 할 우리 시대 의 지식 / 노 회찬 + 유 시민 + 진 중권 지음

PL992.415 H826 K36 2006
강산 무진 : 김 훈 소설

PL994.415 O525 C48 2015
주말, 출근, 산책 : 어두움 과 비 : 김 엄지 장편 소설


DS777.533 B55 K38 2017
「飽食した悪魔」の戦後 : 731部隊と二木秀雄「政界ジープ」 / 加藤哲郎

GR340 A345 2017
列島語り : 出雲・遠野・風土記 / 赤坂憲雄, 三浦佑之

HT725 J3 S253 2017
結婚差別の社会学 / 齋藤直子

ND1055.5 S87 K87 2016
日本のシュルレアリスムという思考野 / 黒沢義輝

PL856 U673 Z799 2017
村上春樹を, 心で聴く : 奇跡のような偶然を求めて / 宮脇俊文

PN53 K675 2017
詩的言語と絵画 : ことばはイメージを表現できるか / 今野真二


B5234 T356 A3 2016
我们三代人 / 汤一介著

DS736 .L5268 2017
林汉达中国历史故事集 / 林汉达, 雪岗编著

DS777.533 C64 B76125 2016
秩序的沦陷 : 抗战初期的江南五城 / (加)卜正民著 ; 潘敏译.

HD75 C458 2016
滴滴 : 分享经济改变中国 / 程维, 柳青等著 ; 张晓峰主编.

HG171 C452 2016
世界是部金融史 / 陈雨露, 杨栋著

PL2851.K86 B36 2010
宝贝宝贝 / 周国平著

Would you like to find out what UBC Sauder Faculty are publishing about? Did you know that our Sauder Faculty published over 100 papers in 2017? To access these publications, take a look at the Sauder School of Business Faculty Publications webpage on the David Lam Library website. You can search by author name, keyword, Sauder Division, […]

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Online access:

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Suzanne Kingston, Veerle Heyvaert, Aleksandra Čavoški, European Environmental Law (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017).


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Student writing consultants at UBC Okanagan’s Writing and Research Centre and UBC Vancouver’s Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication will now be approved for the College Reading and Learning Association’s International Tutor Training Program Certification (CRLA ITTPC).

“The strength of both the Okanagan and the Vancouver tutorial programs relies on the excellent team of student staff who work together, share knowledge, and create a safe and supportive environment for students seeking to improve as writers,” says Amanda Brobbel, Manager for Writing and Research Services at UBC-O, “Our peer writing consultants can now be recognized for their hard work and the intensive training they participate in.”

The ITTPC certification process sets an internationally accepted standard of skills and training for tutors. Adoption of the certification will allow for a clear and cohesive curriculum and will increase collaboration with the university’s units and faculty experts for tutor training.  The certification also secures a deserved reputation for both campuses’ tutoring programs and other student-focused tutorial services both nationally and internationally.

The initiative was spearheaded by Amanda Brobbel, Manager for the Writing and Research Centre, and Meghan Aube, past Program Manager at the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication.

“The CRLA certification will serve to further strengthen the writing tutorial services available on both campuses,” says Julie Mitchell, Assistant Director, Student Engagement Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, “Receiving this certification is a testament to the strength of the existing training programs that have been developed collaboratively between the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication and the Writing and Research Centre and will serve to further strengthen the writing services available to students at UBC.” 

Learn more about the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication and the Writing and Research Centre.

We have some great news for our Finance faculty and students (and anyone else interested in Finance): David Lam Library has purchased 1 year of access to Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD). FISD will be available from January 5, 2018 to January, 2019, via the WRDS platform. Mergent FISD is a comprehensive database of […]

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KE339 .L39 2017
Alice Woolley et al, eds., Lawyers’ Ethics and Professional Regulation, 3d ed. (Toronto: LexisNexis, 2017).

Our current book display is New Year Wellness, located in the library entrance. Are you worried about the upcoming semester, or feel dread about 2018? In the Education Library you can find books on mindfulness, mental health, yoga, meditation, and other topics related to wellness for both teacher and student. Here is a small sampling of the books we have showcased:

Books for Young Children

What do you do when you’re having a bad day? Meditation is an Open Sky tells kids that you simply need to find a quiet place, sit down, and meditate. This picture book describes meditation in a simple way so that kids of any age can learn how to feel calm when they’re scared, angry, or anxious, as well as how to spread kindness to others.

In The Sound of Silence, young Yoshio seeks to find quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. This
book teaches children to seek peace and calmness amidst silence. This book also introduces the concept of Japanese ma.

I Am Yoga by Susan Verde engages children’s imaginations through colourful illustrations and prose about the transformative power of yoga. Through yoga and using her imagination, a young girl transforms into a soaring eagle, a star twinkling in the night sky, a camel crossing the desert, or a boat rocking in the sea. Yoga and its healing elements is described simply so that children of all ages can understand.

Often while we lie in bed at the end of a long day, our mind races with thoughts that keep us awake. In Camelea Like a Seagull, the young girl Camelea finds that she is too excited to sleep. She replays the day’s events in her head to calm her down and fall asleep peacefully.

Books for Teens and Older Children

Each line in the autobiographical poetry book Brown Girl Dreaming acts as a glimpse into the hopeful young mind of author Jaqueline Woodson’s childhood. Woodson grew up in the racially discriminate south during 1960s. Despite the racism she frequently experiences in South Carolina, Woodson remains optimistic about the future and describes finding her literary voice and place in this world. Brown Girl Dreaming is a hopeful, lyrical, and emotionally charged read.

My Kind of Sad is a book for teens about how to deal with adolescent depression. The book speaks to teens directly rather than to their parents. Topics include reactive depression vs. clinical depression, anxiety, mental disorders, disordered eating, self-mutilation, and suicide. Along with constructive guidance from professionals and stats from the latest studies, the book shares thoughts and feelings from teens who have experienced different forms of depression.

Being a teenager can be stressful enough, but when you have ADHD sometimes life can seem overwhelming. In Mindfulness for Teens with ADHD, a clinical social worker offers advice based in neuroscience and mindfulness for teens who have troubles focusing. Skills taught include making good choices, completing tasks, increasing academic success, excelling at sports, driving safely, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and more.

Strike a Pose demystifies yoga for tweens and teens in a fresh way and steers clear of the fluff. The anatomically articulated illustrations clearly depict basic and more advanced poses, while the stay-open ring binding is perfect for hands-free posing. Girls can also pump up their practice with tips on mastering yogic flows, breathing exercises, meditation, mantras and more.

Guides for Teachers

Dancing in the Rain is intended as a guide for education leaders who are struggling with the difficult feelings (inadequacy, frustration, burnout) that surface as a result of their roles and responsibilities. It draws on mindfulness practice and Buddhist-influenced psychology to create a step-by-step process for dealing with difficult emotions. Every day, education leaders find themselves swamped in a maelstrom of pressures that add to the complex challenges of educating all students to a high level. With humor and compassion, Dancing in the Rain shows educators how to lead lives of consequence and purpose in the face of life’s inescapable downpours.

In How to Develop Growth Mindsets in the Classroom, bestselling author Mike Gershon presents you with everything you need to develop growth mindsets in your classroom. Calling on a wealth of teaching and training experience, Mike sets out the different areas of pedagogy you need to focus on, then gives you the practical strategies you can use to make change happen. With more than 200 exemplar questions and over sixty strategies, activities and techniques, this book is your go to guide for establishing, cultivating and sustaining growth mindsets in the students you teach. It’s the starting point for your growth mindsets journey.

You must embody mindfulness in order to teach it. The Mindfulness Teaching Guide offers a thorough and practical guide for mindfulness teachers and professionals, offering a systematic approach to developing the teaching methods, skills, and competencies needed to become a proficient mindfulness teacher. In this guide, you’ll learn the three essential skills of being an effective mindfulness teacher: how to guide mindfulness practice, how to explore mindful inquiry, and how to give didactic presentations. Along with teaching underlying theory, this book also offers practical options, suggestions, examples, and even reminder lists so you can swiftly put what you learn to use. The approach in this book is descriptive instead of prescriptive, offering options instead of instructions to help you develop your own style of teaching.

Teacher Resources

Health for Life Volume 1 and Volume 2 are teaching resources intended for grades 7-8 but are applicable to younger or older children. Topics include stress management, battling depression, relationships, living a healthy and balanced life, and developing plans.

Canadian Health Activities Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6 are activity books for school-aged children. Topics include healthy habits, nutrition and physical exercise, conflict resolution, personal safety, and assessment strategies.

Also worth checking out are our bibliographies on Mindfulness and Health/Food.

UBC Library's recent acquisition of The Vancouver Weekly Herald and North Pacific News was featured on CBC radio. The interview begins at the 2 hour 50 sec mark.

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