The waterfall outside Xwi7xwa was original Chief Simon Baker’s idea and has been a part of the Longhouse since its creation, serving as a reminder that “water is the most important thing in our lives.” [i] After 24 years, some elements of this feature were in need of repair and we are excited to announce that the work being done is nearing completion…

The goal of the project is to maintain the original design while restoring the areas that have suffered in the 24 years since the waterfall was created. The University of British Columbia has been working with outside contractors on the project, which should be completed within the next two weeks. Once the work is finished, we look forward to a revitalized water feature: a gentle waterfall with a small pool at the bottom, reaffirming the importance of water in Indigenous teachings and ways of knowing.


[i] Chief Simon Baker, quoted in Kirkness, Verna J. and Jo-ann Archibald (2001). The First Nations Longhouse: Our home away from home. Vancouver: First Nations House of Learning. p.34.

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