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Yesterday’s Globe and Mail (April 6, 2009) featured an article on the incidence of autism in the Somali-Canadian population, The Somali Autism Puzzle. The article mentioned two studies, for which I’ve added links below:

  • Autism and the Somali Community, Minnesota Department of Health.
  • – Barnevik-Olsson, M., Gillberg, C., & Fernell, E. (2008, August). Prevalence of autism in children born to Somali parents living in Sweden: A brief report. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 50(8), 598-601.
  • Searches in Google Scholar are yielding much more consistent results. Possible links are almost always listed as “UBC eLink” and only occasionally as “UBC Library Catalogue” (both go to the same SFX menu). But, alas, no eLink button yet. Some problems still exist, but these are due to the poor incoming information rather than a resolving problem on our end.

    For example, try the following search:

    1. In Google Scholar search two words     Cronenberg AIDS
    2. The 2nd result reads   ” AIDS References in the Critical Reception of David Cronenberg:” It May Not Be Such a Bad Disease …- UBC eLink
    3. Clicking on “UBC eLink” gives you an abbreviated citation and no full-text results. Clicking on “AIDS References in the Critical…” takes you to the full text.
    4. You also see “All 4 versions” at the end of the 2nd result. Click on that, and you get four “UBC eLink” links, three of which take you to three different full-text sources.

    Conclusion: it’s not perfect, but it does work better than before. So, don’t be disappointed by an initial “No full text available” message. Dig a bit.

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