This is a listing of the the known issues we are currently working on to resolve with the beta development of Primo. Comments and feedback are encouraged through the Give us Feedback link on the Search @ UBC Library site.

  • RSS feed – there is a default RSS icon that is supposed to appear on the search results page. The default behaviour is to produce a feed for each page of results. Page 1 produces a feed for results 1-10, page 2 for results 11-20, page 3 for results 21-30… This is not the expected behaviour of an RSS feed so we’ve turned it off and logged an enhancement request (as have many others) with Ex Libris.
  • CWL authentication – login to the eShelf only works with last name and barcode. We are working to include CWL integration with Primo for the login and My Account access.
  • cIRcle collection names – all cIRcle collection names at the moment appear as “UBC Archives”. We are configuring Primo to recognize and display each individual collection name from cIRcle (eg. Retrospective Theses and Dissertations)
  • cIRcle link to PDF full text – many cIRcle items contain a link to only one PDF file. We are configuring Primo to recognize and link directly to the PDF in these instances.
  • Real Time Availability (RTA) – this feature connects to Voyager to display real time availability of items. Currently, RTA often displays the correct availability status, but there are many instances it is displaying an incorrect availability status.
  • Real Time Tagging – Primo does not display tags in real time as they are created. This is a bug we are working on.
  • Holdings list terminology – Primo uses default terms from Voyager, like “Charged” instead of “Checked out”. Still requires configuration work.
  • 866 information – “Location has” info in the Holdings list is not displayed. Still requires configuration work.
  • CONTENTdm icons – Primo interprets all CONTENTdm items as images of images. All CONTENTdm items appear as the Image Resource Type with the image icon. Configuration changes will include the following Resource Types and icons: Text Resource, Map, Score.
  • Search and display of 5xx notes field – Primo indexes, searches, and displays some 5xx notes (511, 520) but not all. Note fields to be included: 500, 502, 505, 508, 511, 518, 520, 530, 534, 538, 540, 545, 546, 561
  • SMS (text message) – need to investigate how to send brief bibliographic and holding information to a user via text message.
  • My library card – Primo is not completing the connection to Voyager patron data. Still requires configuration work.
  • Link to catalogue for Voyager records – Primo currently displays a link to the CONTENTdm or cIRcle page for each record. Still requires configuration to insert a link to Voyager for each record.
  • Audio and Video format types – audio and video appear as the Audio Visual Resource Type and icon. Configuration work to separate into Audio Resource Type and icon and Video Resource Type and icon.
  • Locations – location information is not properly displayed in search results. For example, locations are often omitted from Location facet even when they have resources listed in the search results. Still requires configuration work.
  • eJournal subject headings – first batch of MARCit records have incomplete subject headings. Need to run MARCit again with improved subject headings, then import eJournal records into Voyager, then update Primo.
  • Articles & More tab – the MetaLib search is not always returning results.
  • DocDel request – functionality that is similar to what is used in Voyager for requesting items is currently not available but is under development.
  • Course reserves – records for items placed into course reserves are currently not added to Primo because there is no functionality to search or filter by course number, name, or instructor name.

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