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Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable, with support from the Education Library and the Language and Literacy Education Department of the Faculty of Education, are featuring Gregory Maguire at the Annual Fall Breakfast.  You will recognize Gregory Maguire as the author of more than a dozen novels for children and, to date, five novels for adults, including WICKED, the basis of the Broadway musical of the same name.
Registration information  http://www.library.ubc.ca/edlib/table/

Varsity Readers will be hosted in the Educaton Library September 29.

For information on the program see http://www.learningexchange.ubc.ca/trek_program/athletics/varsityreaders.html

UBC varsity athletes visit an inner city school to read with groups of children in elementary schools using books from the UBC Faculty of Education Library. The varsity athletes are positive role models for children and inspire a greater appreciation of reading and books. Before they start volunteering, varsity athletes get an introduction to reading strategies and resources.

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