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Today is World Alzheimer’s Day.

From the Alzheimer Society of Canada’s website:

“More Than 35 Million People Have Dementia Worldwide, According to New Report

Global community promoting importance of early diagnosis

September 21, 2009 — Startling new statistics on the worldwide prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias are being released today as countries across the globe join together in recognition of World Alzheimer’s Day.

According to the World Alzheimer Report, released today by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), an estimated 35.6 million people worldwide will be living with dementia in 2010. This is a 10 per cent increase over previous global dementia prevalence reported in 2005 in The Lancet. According to the new report, dementia prevalence will nearly double every 20 years, to 65.7 million in 2030 and 115.4 million in 2050. “

An interesting report from the Carnegie Corporation.  Time to Act is the capstone report of Carnegie Council for Advancing Adolescent Literacy.

The full report, along with five corresponding reports, is available at:



“The American Psychological Association is pleased to invite you to attend a (free) PsycINFO Webinar. This 1-hour Advanced Training session will detail the coverage and selection practices, the structure of the database, and annual reloads.  For date, time and registration information, please see below.

Learning Objectives
– Understand PsycINFO content and structure.
– Become familiar with PsycINFO record structure and indexing practices.
– Learn how to use field values and limits effectively.
– Know how to create precise search strategies and manage results.
(Complete description at the end of this posting)

This session is ideal for subject specialists (including Research Assistants), reference librarians, and instructors (including TA’s who provide support for the behavioral sciences ) interested in gaining in-depth information about PsycINFO content and structure, as well as how to build efficient search strategies to obtain
scholarly literature and enhance their research process.

To register, please email psycinfowebinars@apa.org with “Advanced Training” in the subject line indicating the session you wish to attend.”

PsycINFO on EBSCOhost           October 8, 2009             1:00 p.m.   Eastern time / 10:00  a.m. PDT

PsycINFO on EBSCOhost            October 27, 2009         2:00 p.m.  Eastern time/  11:00  a.m. PDT

Note that APA uses Eastern time in advertising and emails about these sessions. PDT is Pacific Daylight Savings time, i.e. Vancouver time.

Plug Into Your Library–September and October Workshops

for Graduate Students and Faculty

Plug into Your Library I : Getting Started
4:30 – 5:15 p.m.   Friday   Sept. 25   Scarfe 1007

Are you new to UBC? Want to find journal articles, books, and dissertations? Explore the UBC Library’s web page and set up VPN so you can access electronic resources from home.  Find out about UBC library services and research resources and be introduced to the library’s online catalogue, subject guides and databases:  Academic Search Complete, Education Research Complete, ERIC (Ebsco) and CBCA Complete.

Plug into Your Library II: New E-Resources at UBC

4:30 -  5:15 p.m.  Friday  Sept. 25   Scarfe 1006
UBC has new electronic book collections — Oxford University Press e-books, Cambridge University Press e-books, Taylor & Francis e-books and Springer-Link. Explore these together with new databases such as Education Research Complete, EdItLib, Communications &Mass Media Complete & Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities.

Get Organized–Tips for Finding and Managing Your Research
3:30-4:30 p.m.  Monday Sept.  28 Scarfe 1007
Managing your research begins with knowing what to search, how to save, store, and organize; good resources about research, and good references about writing.  Get the information you need when you go to write your papers. Review some APA style basics for citations and consider citation management software tools.

Fine Tune Your Searches with Research Tools in Education

3:30-4:15 p.m.  Mon. and Wed. and Fri.  Oct.  5, 7, 9   Scarfe 155
Fine tune your searches. Explore key tools, terms, blogs, and enhanced research features of databases such as Education Research Complete, ERIC, Education Index Fulltext, EdITLib, & CBCA Education. Consider international sources and sites for educational research.  Bring your laptops (optional) and your questions (mandatory).

RefWorks the Basics

3:30-4:15 Wednesday   Sept. 23    Scarfe 155
Set yourself up to use RefWorks (create an account, import citations from databases, create a bibliography) Also tips about RefGrabit and editing output styles.  Bring your laptops (optional) and your questions (mandatory).

RefWorks Using Write’n Cite
11:00-12:00   Saturday  Sept. 26  Scarfe 1007

3:30-4:15        Thursday   Oct. 15  Scarfe 155
Set yourself up to use RefWorks in writing and formatting a paper.  Download Write’n’Cite and insert in-text citations while writing.  Bring your laptops (optional) & your questions.

Making the Most of Statistics Canada Marion Smith (from Statistics Canada)
3:30-4:15  Wednesday Oct. 6 Scarfe 155
Baffled by StatsCan information resources? Learn how the StatsCan website is organized,what key products are available, & where to find search tools & glean meaning from  catalogue numbers.

You bring the food, we’ll waive the fines!

Food for Fines is a joint AMS and UBC Library initiative to support members of the community in need. UBC Library users who wish to donate non-perishable food items may have $2 in fines paid for each food item donated, up to a maximum of $20. Food donations will be given to local food banks.

The Food for Fines program will take place in all UBC Library branches from Monday September 21st, 2009 to Sunday October 4th, 2009 ( inclusive). Acceptable food donations include any non-perishable canned or packaged food. Perishable items or anything requiring refrigeration cannot be accepted.

Patrons who do not owe library fines, but who still wish to donate food, may do so – but we cannot credit their Library account.

plos-logo“The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is the first publisher to place transparent and comprehensive information about the usage and reach of published articles onto the articles themselves … We call these measures for evaluating articles ‘Article-Level Metrics‘…” –PLoS website

Visit PLoS’ recently re-vamped site, read up on what the new Metrics include… and what’s coming soon!

“Every boy should be furnished with a small deal board, a lens, and a sharp knife.” –Science-Teaching in Schools, Nature, 1869

You can now peruse every issue of Nature from 1869 to the present. Read what was being written about Darwin. Read what Darwin wrote about “Rats and Water-Casks.”

The new issue of Avatar is now out and linked on our Branch website.  New databases, a new lab and new reference sources. Check it out at:


Welcome to the Education Library Blog on the  UBC Blogs website.  This post is just a notice that we are “getting going on our blog” for the Branch  and will be posting announcements of events, documents of interest and other information related to our Branch in the near future.  Hopefully it will look a lot more interesting in the very near future.

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