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After 16 years of negotiations, the BC Treaty Commission asks Harper to step in – article from Globe and Mail.

The BC Treaty Commission’s annual report for 2009 is available online.

On October 13, 2009, the BC Treaty Commission released the  Common Table Report, which captures the 13 days of discussions in 2008 among the governments of Canada and British Columbia and more than 60 First Nations. Included are 21 opportunities the parties agreed to explore further to move treaty negotiations forward.

The UK National Archives has just put up a database with materials from the Security Services:

“Some of these files were kept about individuals; others were gathered on groups in which the Security Service took an interest. The files contain information about communists, Soviet intelligence agents and officers, right-wing extremists, Italian espionage activities and suspected agents, Czech refugees, suspected spies, pacifists, German agents and intelligence officers.

The majority of these files are from 1939-45, but there are a considerable number from the inter- and post-war periods.”

Note, not every result is freely available – most items are only available for a fee and there is currently no way to limit your results to free materials.  That being said, the range of materials in the collection is impressive:  spy diaries, Hitler’s passport,  and  files on prominent UK communists and eminent physicists and more.

The Australian government has just launched a free website offering up a wide array of government datasets.  Topics include business, community, education, geography, transportation,  society,  safety and the environment.   You can search the database or browse by category or latest added.

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