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Homecoming Parade

Baylor students at 1940 Homecoming Parade

This study analyses the results of nearly 80,000 responses to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory administered to high school and college students in the U.S, from 1938 to 2007. The current generation scores about a standard deviation above the earliest students “on the clinical scales including Pd (Psychopathic Deviation), Pa (Paranoia), Ma (Hypomania), and D (Depression).”

Jean M. Twengea, J. M., Gentileb,B., DeWallc, C. N., Ma, D., Lacefielde, K. & Schurtz, D. Birth cohort increases in psychopathology among young Americans, 1938–2007: A cross-temporal meta-analysis of the MMPIstar. (in press) Clinical Psychology Review.

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