“This site is supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage. It provides free access to a large growing collection of documentary films from Canadian film makers. These include materials from National Film Board. Materials can be searched or browsed by topic. There are also playlists for films by young film makers and a section designed for school and college use. A wide range of topics relating to social, political, economic and world events are covered. They include an emphasis on the history, culture and society of Canada, the anthropology of Canadian ethnic groups and Canadian perspectives on world events.  Information on copyright and technical requirements is given on the website.” – Intute


The latest issue of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry is a special issue that “brings together leading researchers from diverse research fields – memory, clinical neuropsychology, psychiatry, cognitive science and philosophy – to clarify theoretical conceptions of delusion and confabulation, evaluate similarities and differences, and examine underlying causal mechanisms.”

Cognitive Neuropsychology is a hybrid Open Access journal – some articles are freely available to anyone on the web (indicated with a blue dot beside the title) while the remainder are available via subscription only (indicated by a red or green dot, depending on whether or not you or your institutional library subscribes)

Both open access and subscription articles are subject to the same peer review process.

The OECD released one of its flagship economic policy publications today: Going for Growth 2010

“First published in 2005, this annual report provides an overview of structural policy developments in OECD countries from a comparative perspective.”

Not surprisingly, given the title, this year’s report focuses on the “modest, uneasy, yet much-welcome recovery” that most OECD member countries are projected to enjoy in the upcoming year.   Chapters that are freely available for downloading cover 1) “ Responding to the Crisis while Protecting Long-term Growth“; 2) Responding to the Going for Growth Policy Priorities: an Overview of Progress since 2005; 3) Country Notes ; 4) Structural Policy Indicators; 5) A Family Affair: Intergenerational Social Mobility across OECD Countries.

Note, two chapters are not freely available from the OECD website:  6) Getting it Right: Prudential Regulation & Competition in Banking; 7) Going for Growth in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia & South Africa.  ***UBC students, faculty & staff, and patrons using UBC Library workstations do have access to the complete publication, including chapters 6 & 7 through the subscription database SourceOECD.*** 

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