This week we’ve added a small group of material to the archives of Weston Garnett, a screenwriter, novelist and poet, born in Toronto in 1890 who eventually settled in East Sooke, Vancouver Island.  A little research on Weston proves interesting: he was the screenwriter for the 1932 film “White Zombie” which among Zombie aficionados is considered to be the first-ever Zombie movie.  Unfortunately, the manuscript for “White Zombie” is not part of his archives here at UBC.  We do however have manuscripts of several novels, poetry, and one screenplay co-written with Zelda Sears.

Garnett Weston at Graymar, East Sooke

Prof. Janusz Laskowski has just been selected as the recipient of the SME 2010 Antoine M. Gaudin Award. The Gaudin Award is the highest award in the field of Mineral and Metallurgical Processing. The award ceremony will be held in Denver, Colorado, during the SME Annual Meeting (March 2, 2011).

The Liberals are trying to resuscitate the governent’s decision on the long form census  by introducing a private member’s bill to bring back the mandatory long form census.

  • You can read the complete Globe and Mail story here.
  • Interested to see what questions are asked on the long census form? You can take a look at the questions here :

  • Also take a look at types of data that are based on the long form census – available to UBC  staff, students and faculty.

Census of Canada – Topic Based Tabulations

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