The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released the Programme for International Student Assessment’s Report 12, which investigated if boys and girls are ready for the digital age.

Key findings are:

  • More than 17% of students in Australia, Korea and New Zealand are top performers in digital reading, while fewer than 3% of students in Austria, Chile and Poland are. 
  • On average, girls outperform boys in digital reading; however, the gender gap is narrower than it is in print-reading proficiency.
  • Among boys and girls with similar levels of proficiency in print reading, boys tend to have stronger digital navigation skills and therefore score higher in digital reading.

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Mar 09

WCILCOS Conference deadline extended

If you meant to register for the WCILCOS (World Confederation of Institutes and Libraries in Chinese Overseas Studies) conference here at UBC in May of this year but missed the deadline, there is good news: the deadline is extended until March 15.

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By Joel Bakan, Special to the Sun March 5, 2012
The B.C. Liberal government is poised, once again, to violate the legal rights of workers, this time with Bill 22, which, if it becomes law, will prohibit teachers from striking and limit their collective bargaining rights.

In 2007, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the government had violated the Canadian Charter by imposing legislative restrictions on the rights of health workers to bargain collectively. In April 2011, the British Columbia Supreme Court followed that decision to rule that legislation concerning teachers was unconstitutional, and thereby invalid, because it prohibited bargaining on class size, class composition and the ratios of teachers to students.

It is those very same restrictions that the government now seeks to reinstate with Bill 22, a disturbing disregard for such a recent judicial declaration that they are constitutionally invalid.

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Joel Bakan teaches in the faculty of law at the University of British Columbia.

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