Stranger in a Strange Land 2012: A Children’s Literature Conference Organized by Graduate Students of the University of British Columbia

This is a one-day conference showcasing graduate research that explores and questions any facet of children’s literature.

Presenters are coming from across Canada, with some from the UK, US, and France.

Keynote speakers: Elizabeth Marshall and Sarah Park.

Program schedule here.

There is still time to register!  $18 for students and presenters, and $35 for faculty and professionals, includes morning and afternoon refreshments and a catered lunch. Register here.

The University of British Columbia
Saturday, April 28, 2012
8 A.M. to 6 P.M.
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (First Floor)
1961 East Mall

New book at the Education Library: Classic and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Education

Book and Author Information here.

UBC Library Holdings Information here.

“I have had great fun mining the links you sent and have found tons of great stuff. It is amazing how much material there is when you find the right words, and have a great Librarian to steer you in the right direction.”
EMBA student
March, 2012

LAW LIBRARY level 3: HJ2321 .C43 2011 Kim Brooks et al., Challenging Gender Inequality in Tax Policy Making: Comparative Perspectives (Oxford: Hart Pub., 2011). LAW LIBRARY level 3: K213 .M33 2012 James MacLean, Rethinking Law as Process: Creativity, Novelty, Change (Milton Park: Routledge, 2012). LAW LIBRARY level 3: K237 .S56 2011 A.W. Brian Simpson, Reflections [...]

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