UBC-NSJ is now available in cIRcle, UBC’s Digital Repository

On 4 May 2012, the first issue of the University of British Columbia nursing student journal (UBC-NSJ) was made available in cIRcle, UBC’s Digital Repository! With contributions from the faculty and graduate students in the School of Nursing, this nursing student journal “serve[s] as a medium to explore and analyze our practice in order to address diverse challenges of our healthcare system”, as stated in part by the UBC-NSJ Editorial Committee.

The following excerpt taken from the “Letter from the Director” in the UBC-NSJ briefly talks about this journal’s origin and is provided by Colleen Varcoe, the Director of the University of British Columbia School of Nursing:

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to be included in the first ever issue of the University of British Columbia’s Nursing Student Journal – UBC-NSJ! First, I would like to congratulate our student leaders who have initiated and developed this important innovation. When I ask nurse leaders in our community what the UBC School of Nursing is “about”, they always reply that it is research and scholarship that define our school. When I ask what we could do better, they always want more engagement. The UBC-NSJ exemplifies both: our extant research and scholarship and our increasing engagement in practice. The NSJ originated from the Synthesis Project – a final project in which groups of students are paired with leading nurses in practice and a faculty member to engage in a project of importance to practice that requires scholarly focus.”

Right from the Director’s opening letter to a faculty interview with UBC Professor John Oliffe to a nursing student’s perspective from Jodi Meacher and more, you can learn how UBC nursing researchers are continually increasing UBC’s research value and scholarly impact in the nursing practice arena.

To see and/or download the full UBC-NSJ journal in cIRcle, click the link provided here: https://circle.ubc.ca/handle/2429/42286. You can also see and/or download the individual journal article titles under the “Browse – This Collection” section (then click on “Titles”) at: https://circle.ubc.ca/handle/2429/41792.

Did you know?

This week is National Nursing Week (May 6-12, 2012) in Canada, the USA and around the globe. In Canada, “it was first celebrated in 1985 to highlight nurses’ contributions to the well-being of the Canadian public (week that includes 12 May)”. In celebration, take a moment to browse and find 4500+ Nursing items such as faculty publications, student essays, projects, reports as well as theses and dissertations in cIRcle. (Tip: enter “Nursing” in the general search box then click “Go”.)

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