Perhaps we’ve just been overexposed to Canadian Pacific’s historic promotional material, but enjoying a fine meal while glorious views of Stoney Creek and the Selkirks rush by to the clickity-clack of the railroad ties sure sounds enticing.  This section of mountainous track and bridges between Field and Revelstoke was an engineering marvel of its day, and the chance to see the historic route in all its glory makes us wish our time machine was up and running.

Both images are part of UBC Rare Books and Special Collections’ Chung Collection and will be included in the upcoming Canadian Pacific digital collection.

Kaisei chiri shoho ansha no zu: Another gorgeous woodcut from the Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era digital collection (almost all of which could probably be featured here..)

We were particularly struck by the almost abstract beauty in this piece’s mix of cartographic and illustrated blocks.  Its intended function remains elusive, although the title suggests an instructional purpose. Let us know if you can shed any light on the matter!

Don’t forget, you can also come by UBC’s Rare Books and Special Collections to view this collection up close and personal!

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