Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies (SLAIS).  Since the Enlightenment, we have built up a knowledge production system which assumes that prime form of expression should be the printed word. However, in a number of fields in the sciences, social sciences and humanities, this model is breaking down.  Geoffrey C. Bowker explores the contours of the break down and discuss possibilities for the future.  Geoffrey Bowker is Professor at the School of Information and Computer Science, University of California at Irvine, where he directs a laboratory for Values in the Design of Information Systems and Technology. Recent positions include Professor of and Senior Scholar in Cyberscholarship at the University of Pittsburgh iSchool and Executive Director, Center for Science, Technology and Society, Santa Clara Together with Leigh Star he wrote Sorting Things Out: Classification and its Consequences; his most recent book is Memory Practices in the Sciences.

“Emerging Configurations of Knowledge Expression”

Select Articles Available at UBC

Knobel, Cory; Bowker, Geoffrey C. (2011). Computing Ethics: Values in Design. Communications of the ACM. 54(7). pp. 26-28. [Link]

Bowler, Leanne; Koshman, Sherry; Oh, Jung Sun; He, Daqing; Callery, Bernadette C; Bowker, Geoffrey C; Cox, Richard J. (2011). Issue in User-Centered Design in LIS.  Library Trends. 59(4). [Link]

Bowker, Geoffrey C. (2005). The Archive. Communication and Critical-Cultural Studies. 7(2). pp. 212-214[Link]

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Cover of logbook from 1946More than five decades of yearbooks that chronicled life at Victoria’s Royal Roads Military College are now available online, thanks to a digitization project that was partially financed by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

“The photos and essays in the yearbooks offer excellent insight into the story of the Royal Roads Military College cadets,” says Royal Roads University Librarian Rosie Croft in a Royal Roads news release. “The digitization of these items allows people to explore this rich history virtually.”

The project, Cadet Life at Royal Roads Military College: The Log yearbooks from 1943 to 1995, chronicles the “challenging life of a military cadet” at Royal Roads Military College.

The Learning Centre provided funding via its British Columbia History Digitization Program, which provides matching funds for projects that result in free, online access to unique provincial historical material.

The Learning Centre is now accepting applications for the 2013 round of the B.C. History Digitization Program. Applications must be received on or before December 14, 2012. For more, please view the application information.

LAW LIBRARY level 3: K230.L399 B88 2012
Chris Butler, Henri Lefebvre: Spatial Politics, Everyday Life and the Right to the City (Milton Park: Routledge, 2012).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: K3165 .O965 2012
Michel Rosenfeld & András Sajó, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: K3240 .R54 2012
Colin Harvey & Alex Schwartz, eds. Rights in Divided Societies (Oxford: Hart Pub., 2012).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: K3478 .L35 2012
Jan G. Laitos, The Right of Nonuse (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: K7550 .I68 2012
Toshiyuki Kono, ed., Intellectual Property and Private International Law: Comparative Perspectives (Oxford: Hart Pub., 2012).

LAW LIBRARY reference room (level 2): KE850 .S93 2012
Angela Swan & Jakub Adamski, Canadian Contract Law, 3d ed. (Markham: LexisNexis, 2012).

The Supreme Court of Canada has brought down a ruling regarding discrimination of a student with dyslexia.  

An article about it can be found in the November 9, 2012 Globe and Mail.

Nov 13

Bowen Zhang wins Jack Webster Award

Congratulations to Bowen Zhang who recently won the Jack Webster award for Best Reporting- Chinese Language for his piece "Heroes of Chinatown," which aired on OMNI news! "Heroes of Chinatown" is about the soccer teams of the 1930's and 40's in Vancouver's Chinatown. Bowen came to the Chung Collection and did some of the filming in the Chung Collection exhibition, and featured a number of Chung Collection photographs in the documentary piece.

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