First page from an article by David Conde, entitled “Mankind from Beginning to End”

One of our current projects is to digitize the David Conde fonds in partnership with the University of Tokyo. We are discovering first hand that David Conde was a hugely prolific journalist who had much to say about a lot of subjects. As such, the David Conde fonds contains vast quantities of manuscripts for books and articles.

Though he mostly wrote about Japanese and American politics and culture, he would sometimes venture into other subject areas as well. This page (click the image to enlarge) is the first page of an article about historical anthropology entitled “Mankind from Beginning to End”. With a title like that, this article is a fitting example of how prolific David Conde was. We are half expecting to find an article called “Everything under the Sun”, or maybe even “The Kitchen Sink”!

For more information on the David Conde fonds, click here. To see our previous blog posts about the David Conde fond, click here and here.

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