“UBC ranks 31st among the world’s top universities in the 2013 Times Higher Education Reputation Rankings, one of only three Canadian institutions to make the top 100 list. This is the third year that Times Higher Education has published its reputational rankings. In 2012, UBC was ranked 25th in the world and in 2011, UBC was ranked 31st. The 2013 rankings are based on a survey of academic opinion, featuring 16,639 responses from 144 countries. The reputational results complement the Times Higher Education’s annual World University Rankings, which came out last fall and ranked UBC 30th. UBC consistently ranks among the top 40 universities in the world.”

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Did You Know?

UBC Library is a top-tier research library as per recent rankings from the U.S.-based Association of Research Libraries (ARL).  Learn more about these rankings at: http://about.library.ubc.ca/2012/09/18/ubc-library-jumps-in-arl-rankings/. Visit the Library’s community, sub-communities and collections in cIRcle, UBC’s Digital Repository at: https://circle.ubc.ca/handle/2429/81.

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