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Key education stakeholders are asking the B.C. government to require all students to take a course in aboriginal studies before graduation.

While they already learn about aboriginal issues during Social Studies classes, this proposal would require students to also take a separate course, such as B.C. First Nations Studies 12 or the First Peoples course offered in Grades 10, 11 and 12.

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Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, once heard a colleague say, “They don’t pay me to like the kids.” Her response: “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.’” A rousing call to educators to believe in their students and actually connect with them on a real, human, personal level. 

Pierson describes simple gestures like apologizing to students when you’ve made a mistake, focusing on their positives attributes and self esteem building.  The funniest example of this attitude in action is illustrated when Pierson describes a student who got 18 questions wrong on a twenty question test.  Pierson wrote “+2″ and a smiley face on the top of the page explaining, “minus 18 sucks all the life out of you. Plus 2 says I ain’t all bad”

The take home message here: Every child deserves a champion and through the power of connection, learning is possible.  Well worth watching.

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