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Benjamin Cohen is Louis G. Lancaster Professor of International Political Economy at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he has been a member of the Political Science Department since 1991. Established in May 1998, the Institute for European Studies (IES) is part of the University of British Columbia’s ongoing mission to advance international knowledge and research about Europe.  This talk is the keynote speech at the Institute for European Studies (IES)’s the “Global Currency Competition & Exchange Rate Arrangements: Present & Future” international conference at UBC in June 2010.


Benjamin Cohen is a member of the faculty of the University of California, Santa Barbara since 1991, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on international political economy.  His research interests mainly involve issues of international monetary and financial relations, and he has written about matters ranging from exchange rates and monetary integration to financial markets and international debt.  Cohen’s latest book, The Future of Global Currency: The Euro Versus the Dollar, was published in 2011 by Routledge Publishers.

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Select Articles Available at UBC Library

Cohen, B. J. (1998). The Geography of Money. Cornell University Press. [Link]

Cohen, B. J. (2012). The future of the euro: Rejoinder to Schwartz. Review of International Political Economy19(4), 709-710. [Link]

Cohen, B. J. (2012). The yuan tomorrow? Evaluating China’s currency internationalisation strategy. New Political Economy17(3), 361-371. [Link]

Cohen, B. J. (2012). The Future of Global Currency: The Euro Versus the Dollar. Routledge. [Link]

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