With recent changes to the law, this panel discusses: general purpose and structure of tax treaties; domestic tax systems in Hong Kong and China; key features of the treaty; and opportunities for investment to and from Hong Kong and China.


Wei Cui, David Duff, Barry MacDonald (Partner, Tax Services, PwC), Lori Mathison (Managing Partner, Dentons)

Uthati Hilorein

Uthati Hilorein

UBC Library’s Asian Library is pleased to bring you a book display “Celebrating Hindi Literature” featuring Madhu Varshney and other popular Hindi poets. It is located on the Asian Library upper floor and the Asian Centre foyer from October 30 through November 12,  2013.

Madhu Varshney was born August 1945 in Sarai Tarin (U.P.) Dist., Moradabad, India.  She has post graduate degrees in Hindi Literature and in Economics.  In her undergraduate studies, she specialized in Literature – Hindi, English and Sanskrit. As an active member of the Indian community in Vancouver, Madhu was awarded British Columbia Community Achievement Award in 2008.

Madhu’s interest lies in teaching languages, folk songs and dances. She has compiled eight books on religion, spirituality and folk song like Maharishi Dayanand Kaa Gourav Gaan (2013) as well as published two collections of her poems Bhav-Tarang and Uthati Hilorein. The newly published Uthati Hilorein (Rising Waves) is a collection of modern Hindi poems about nature, spirituality and love.




Are you a graduate student at UBC? Consider attending or presenting at the next FIREtalk, “Learning Machines” – of particular interest to science students! Description from the Research Commons website:

When: Wednesday, November 27, 4-6 pm

Where: Koerner Library, Room 216

What are some cutting edge applications of computers and machines that help improve human life? What are the different approaches to the study and design of learning and intelligence? How can systems learn from data? What natural behaviors can be simulated by a machine? Can the brain be interpreted as a computer? How do our cultural perceptions of machines influence the way we interact with them? Where can speculative fiction and other works of the imagination take artificial intelligence?

More details at:

a place of mind, The University of British Columbia

UBC Library





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