LAW LIBRARY level 3: KE806 .S93 2014
M. Jasmine Sweatman, Powers of Attorney and Capacity: Practice and Procedure (Toronto: Canada Law Book 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KF282 .T73 2014
Susan Bryant, Elliott S. Milstein & Ann C. Shalleck, eds., Transforming the Education of Lawyers: The Theory and Practice of Clinical Pedagogy (Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KZ7000 .J35 2014
Neha Jain, Perpetrators and Accessories in International Criminal Law : Individual Modes of Responsibility for Collective Crimes (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: K8 .O49
憲法 論叢 / Hŏnpŏp nonch’ong
(Sŏul: Hŏnpŏp Chaep’anso, 2012 & 2013)
(서울 : 憲法 裁判所, 2012 & 2013)

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KPA2066.3 .H65
Hŏnpŏp Silmu Yŏn’guhoe p’yŏn, Hŏnpŏp silmu yŏn’gu
憲法 實務 研究 / 憲法 實務 研究會 编.
(Sŏul T’ŭkpyŏlsi: Pagyŏngsa, 2013)
(서울 特別市 : 博英社, 2013).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KPA2066.3 .K672
Hŏnpŏp Chaep’anso kyŏlchŏng haesŏlchip
헌법 재판소 결정 해설집.
(Sŏul: Hŏnpŏ̆p Chaepanso, 2011 & 2013)
(서울 : 憲法 裁判所, 2011 & 2013)

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KPA2070 .C456 2014
Chŏng Chae-hwang chŏ, Sin hŏnpŏp immun 新 헌법 입문 / 정 재황 저.
(Sŏul T’ŭkpyŏlsi : Pagyŏngsa, 2014).
(서울 특별시 : 박영사, 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KPA2070 .C4643 2013
Cho Yu-jin chiŭm, Ch’ŏŭm ingnŭn hŏnpŏp : ch’ŏngsonyŏn ŭl wihan hŏnpŏp killajabi
처음 읽는 헌법 : 청소년 을 위한 헌법 길라잡이 / 조 유진 지음.
(Sŏul-si: Ihaksa, 2013).
(서울시 : 이학사, 2013).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KPA2070 .C65 2013
Hŏnpŏp Chaep’an Yŏn’guwŏn, Ch’ŏngsonyŏn ŭl wihan algi shwiun hŏnpŏp
청소년 을 위한 알기 쉬운 헌법 / 헌법 재판 연구원 <청소년 을 위한 알기 쉬운 헌법> 발간 위원회, 위원장 김 문현 ; 집필 위원, 손 인혁 ([Sŏul]: Hŏnpŏp chaep’an yŏn’guwŏn, 2013).
([서울] : 헌법 재판 연구원, 2013).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KPA2280 .H96 2013
ch’aegim yŏn’guja, Kim Hyŏn-ch’ŏl, Hyŏngbyŏl kyujŏng e taehan wihŏn kyŏlchŏng ŭi sichŏk hyoryŏk e kwanhan yŏn’gu
형별 규정 에 대한 위헌 결정 의 시적 효력 에 관한 연구 / 책임 연구자, 김 현철.
(Sŏul: Hŏnpŏp Chaep’anso, 2013).
(서울 : 헌법 재판소, 2013).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KPA2280 .K55 2014
Kim Ha-yŏl chŏ, Hŏnpŏn sosongpŏp
헌법 소송법 / 김 하열 저.
(Sŏul T’ŭkpyŏlsi: Pagyŏngsa, 2014).
(서울 특별시 : 박영사, 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KPA2640 .H66 2013
ch’aegim yŏn’guwŏn, Yi Hyo-wŏn, Hŏnpŏp chaep’an e issŏsŏ sinsokhan sagŏn ch’ŏri rŭl wihan chedo kaesŏn pangan
헌법 재판 에 있어서 신속한 사건 처리 를 위한 제도 개선 방안 / 책임 연구원, 이 효원.
([Sŏul-si]: Hŏnpŏp Chaep’anso, 2013).
([서울시] : 헌법 재판소, 2013).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KT4569 .K68
Hŏnpŏp Chaepʻanso pʻallyejip.
헌법 재판소 판례집.
([Seoul]: Hŏnpŏp Chaepʻanso, 2012 & 2013).
([Seoul] : 헌법 재판소, 2012 & 2013).

UBC Library is excited to participate in the following campus-wide orientation events as part of our introduction to new and returning students and faculty. Feel free to drop by and meet Library staff, find out more about how we can help you this academic year, and to check out our booth! Over the next several weeks, you’ll find us at: 

New Faculty & Staff Orientation

August 26 | 2 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Liu Institute 

Graduate Student Orientation

August 28 | 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Flag Pole Plaza


September 2 | 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Main Mall

Welcome Back Staff BBQ

September 10 | 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Flag Pole Plaza

Postdoctoral Fellows Orientation

September 30 | 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Thea Koerner House

Get ready for school with #ubclibrary. Every day throughout the month of September, we will be posting information on social media – tips on studying, where to print, collections to check out, and more! Visit us on Twitter or Facebook to join the fun.

A project undertaken by UBC Library’s Digitization Centre, the Greater Vancouver Regional District Planning Department Land Use Maps are available online.

This series of detailed maps were produced in 1965, 1971, 1980 and 1983 (1983 covers the City of Vancouver Only) by the Greater Vancouver Regional District (now Metro Vancouver) and are held in the UBC Library’s Map & Atlas Collection.

The maps, printed in black & white, use symbols to show lot-by-lot land use according to 64 categories, such as residential, industrial, commercial, etc. Digitization preserves the maps and makes them widely available to researchers in urban planning, geography, history, environmental remediation, etc. at UBC and beyond.

UBC Library secured permission from Metro Vancouver, the copyright holder, to digitize these maps.

Image Credit: Index Map Subdivision and Land Use Maps

The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and the Consulado General de México en Vancouver are pleased to bring to UBC campus this unique exhibition from Yucatán, México as part of the city’s celebration of Mexico Fest 2014.  Located in Southeastern Mexico, on the north part of the Yucatán Peninsula, Yucatán is bordered by the states of Campeche to the southwest, Quintana Roo to the southeast and the Gulf of Mexico lies off its north coast.

In Yucatan there are more than 150,000 people who in one form or another make their living from Arts and Crafts mostly by participating in their production or comercialization. In a population of 1,900,000 inhabitants, we are looking at almost 8% of the population being dependant on Arts and Crafts. Aside from their economic contribution, this promotes and maintains local culture.

For the Department for Visual Arts of the Ministry for Culture and Yucatan Arts, this exhibition represents an opportunity to share and spread the important work of the Yucatan artisans.  Arts and Crafts, embroidery, goldsmithing and wood carving are cultural expressions that significantly contribute to the cultural identity of the people of Yucatan. There is nothing more emblematic about this state than the “hipil” (dress), a “terno” (three piece suit) or woven hammock. The study of these objects helps us better understand the history of Yucatan, its natural resources and above all; the different habits and traditions that make up the everyday lives of these people.

For more information about this exhibition, please contact Allan Cho, Community Engagement Librarian at the UBC Library’s Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

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