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The University of British Columbia Library is one of the largest academic libraries in Canada and consistently ranks among the top university research libraries in North America.  UBC Library has 14 branches and divisions, two campuses (Vancouver and Kelowna), one off-site hospital library, and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre – a multi-purpose teaching and learning facility.

The Library’s collection of over 7M items includes 1.4M ebooks, 229,020 electronic journals, 850,000 maps, audio, DVD/video and graphic materials, and 1, 703 bibliographic and fulltext databases.

More than 300 knowledgeable employees – librarians, management and professional staff, support staff and student staff – provide users with the excellent resources and services that they need to further their research, teaching and learning.

The Xwi7xwa Library is a centre for academic and community Indigenous scholarship. Our collections and services reflect Aboriginal approaches to teaching, learning, and research. More information can be found on the branch website. The Irving K Barber Learning Centre is part of the UBC Library and supports the University’s academic and community engagement missions through space, services, and programming, as well as by fostering and supporting opportunities for engagement with communities across British Columbia.

The UBC Library Strategic Plan 2010-2015 can be viewed at www.library.ubc.ca/strategicplan/.


Overview of the position 

In support of the UBC Library Strategic Plan and UBC’s Aboriginal Engagement Strategy, the Aboriginal Engagement Librarian works to promote Indigenous scholarship and collections across UBC as well as the broader community. The Librarian will provide reference and instruction services; develop research guides and curriculum materials; and advise on the development of digital collections for research, education and preservation.  The Librarian will engage with the UBC and broader community around the development of programs and educational opportunities that help promote intercultural awareness and understanding.  This position will help to guide the UBC Library’s aboriginal engagement strategy, in particular through the Xwi7xwa Library and the Irving K Barber Learning Centre’s outreach and engagement programming where it is jointly assigned.





  • A graduate degree from an accredited school of Library, Archival and Information Science
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of Indigenous scholarship and First Nations/Aboriginal people’s histories and cultures
  • Strong information technology and digital literacy skills
  • Ability to effectively work independently and as a team member
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills


  • Degree in First Nations Studies or related discipline
  • Understanding of community engagement processes and strategies, in particular within the context of post-secondary education
  • Experience within an academic library
  • Experience working with Aboriginal communities is strongly preferred


Terms of Appointment and Salary

This position will be filled as a full time ongoing position. There will be an initial three-year probationary appointment.  Normally, such an appointment is reviewed by the end of the second year of appointment, and a recommendation is made at that time to grant or not to grant a confirmed appointment.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and academic/professional qualifications.

We are seeking applications from Librarians with up to 5 years of experience. However, all internal candidates will be considered regardless of years of experience and are encouraged to apply.

UBC hires on the basis of merit and is committed to employment equity. The University especially welcomes applications from visible minority groups, women, Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and others with the skills and knowledge to engage productively with diverse communities.We encourage all qualified applicants to apply. However, Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada will be given priority.

To view the complete job description and to submit an application, please visit the UBC Careers page using Job ID 19600 by midnight on November 20, 2014.

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