Every year, thousands of Canadian citizens move to the United States in pursuit of employment opportunities. However, the process is not as simple as finding a job and making the move. There are many steps that you must take and considerations to think about. What job category will you fit into? What are the benefits and drawbacks of the various work visas? What are the rules surrounding your spouse or kids? Will you be eligible for a green card in the future? Whether the US is in your immediate future of you’re simply curious about the possibility, come hear from consular staff and immigration experts who will make some sense of the sometimes intimidating process of US immigration.

Event Details

When: October 28 Wednesday, 2015 | 6:30-9:00pm

The program begins at 6:30 with a reception to follow.

Where: Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, Jack Poole Hall | 6163 University Boulevard, Vancouver B.C.

Cost: $10 per person

Members of the Class of 2015 are FREE (A-Card and advance registration required)



Nancy Biasi – Chief of the Consular Section at the U.S. Consulate General in Vancouver, BC & Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State

Matthew Lieurance – Assistant Chief, Foreign Operations Division, U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Joel H. Paget – Senior Immigration Attorney, Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC

Alex Stojicevic, LLB’94 – Managing Partner, Maynard Kischer Stojicevic – Vancouver Immigration Lawyers

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This fall, UBC Library has new resources available to trial for UBC students, faculty, staff, and on-site Library users.

Cambridge Editions

East View – Cambridge Archives Editions


These resources are available from September 2 to October 2, 2015. Cambridge Archives Editions represents thousands of original documents of the National Archives (UK) represented in facsimile, including numerous maps, on the national heritage and political development of numerous countries.

Sage Video

Sage Video Collection

Available from September 8 to November 6, 2015, this cross-discipline resource combines originally commissioned material with licensed videos in the areas of Education, Media, Communication and Cultural Studies, and Counseling & Psychotherapy.


Feedback on use of these trial resources is strongly encouraged. If additional help is required while using an electronic resource, please contact the subject librarian listed on the resource page.

How do you image the REALLY big items? Or the items that won’t fit in a normal scanner?

The largest (and most exciting!) image-processing machine we have here at DI is definitely the TTI.

The TTI is used to scan large, fragile, or otherwise oddly shaped items. You may have caught glimpses of it here.

To show you how it works we are scanning a few delicate maps from the Chung Collection. The maps are foldouts from a book by Sir George Simpson that are still attached, so we couldn’t use THIS machine.


Pretty cool old book!


Who else thinks this would look just FANTASTIC in their personal library?

To start, we boot up Capture Flow. Capture Flow is an image-processing program with settings for the exposure time and color adjustment. We also turn on the camera back (Sinarback Evolution 86 H with a Sinaron Digital HR 5.6/90 CMV lens) pointed at the TTI flatbed, and two banks of LED lights that evenly illuminate any item being imaged.


Very bright!

Laying the map on the large TTI bed (40” by 60”) the color corrector, a QPcard 101, and a Better Light focus card are used. They help color correct the image in the editing phase and focus the image properly, respectively,  so the picture comes out as true to life as possible.


The map was so thin we added paper underneath- otherwise you’d see right through it!

Test images are taken. They are viewed on the attached screen to check everything is working properly. The color sometimes looks off in the image, but we will correct that later.


This extra screen is mounted near the TTI to help the scanner see what the picture will look like.

Then the real fun begins! To flatten the map we turn on a vacuum built in to the flatbed of the TTI. It will draw the scanned item gently flat. A clean glass plate is set over the map to smooth it out even more.


Laura, a digital librarian here at DI, doing all the heavy lifting

The camera’s CCD sensor’s pixel matrix is shifted three times laterally or vertically by exactly one pixel width from one exposure to the next, so that every image point is covered by every primary color (red, blue, 2x green).. Captureflow receives the images as a single unit for a more color-realistic and detailed image.


Don’t move anything while the camera is snapping or your image could end up like this!


This is a composite of those four pictures stitched together. Pretty nifty.

This particular map is too big to image all at once. The map gets flipped and moved to image additional sections.


Laura and the TTI machine hard at work

Later the images are stitched together in the post processing step, using Adobe Photoshop. The final product you end up with is a beauty that looks like this:


A lovely world map coming soon to the digital archive near you!

Join MOA Director Dr. Anthony Shelton for a special lecture on The Wixaritari (Huichol). The Wixaritari, who live in the mountainous, isolated parts of northwest Mexico, have retained a unique cosmology despite continuous threats to despoil their land and sacred sites. Their homeland was created through the sacrifice of their ancestral deities who became transformed into the land, mountains, seas and plant and animal forms that surround them. This presentation will open a glimpse into this world and describe some of their techniques and philosophy which enables them to see what is invisible to others.

When: September 29, Tuesday 2015 7:00pm

Where: UBC Museum of Anthropology 6393 Northwest Marine Drive, Vancouver BC

Admission: Free with the cost of admission to museum


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