The Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) has announced its annual student paper contest. Essays may deal with access to and information about geospatial data, cartography, cartographic materials, map information, map data, GIS data and geo-referenced information. The award includes $250.00, free membership in the Association for one year, and an invitation to present the paper at the ACMLA annual conference. More details can be found in this flyer.

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The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research would like to announce the Dr. Eugene Owen Scholarship for Research on the International Assessment of Student Achievement.

This scholarship honors the memory of Dr. Eugene Owen, who devoted his career to understanding international differences in student educational achievement. During his 30 years at the National Center for Education Statistics, he made seminal contributions to the development of cross-national surveys, such as the Program for International Student Assessment.


The Owen Scholarship will be awarded to senior graduate students or outstanding pre-tenure scholars (less than five years since award of the PhD). Applicants can come from any academic discipline, but they should have professional interests in one or more of the following areas of research:

  • Advancing cross-national research on K-12 student achievement
  • Advancing cross-national research on college- or university-level achievement
  • Understanding the role of teaching from a cross-national perspective


The Owen Scholarship provides a waiver of ICPSR Summer Program registration fees for one (1) four-week session or a single 3- to 5-day workshop. Recipients who choose to attend a 3- to 5-day workshop will also receive a travel stipend.  The stipend is not available to attendees of a four-week session.


Applicants must sign up for the courses they wish to take through the ICPSR Summer Program registration portal at and send the following materials to

  1. A current curriculum vita
  2. A cover letter detailing scholarly interests, background, research plans, and how participation in the ICPSR Summer Program will contribute toward achievement of professional objectives
  3. Two letters of recommendation. For applicants who are faculty members, one letter should come from your Department Chair. For graduate student applicants, one letter should come from your faculty advisor or dissertation chairperson.
  4. An official course transcript (for graduate student applicants only)



Visit or contact the ICPSR Summer Program at for additional criteria regarding application materials, as well as a list of courses.

The ICPSR Summer Program is recognized throughout the world as a leading program providing basic and advanced training in a wide range of methodologies and techniques for research across the social, behavioral, and medical sciences. Registration for all 2016 courses will open in early February 2016.

For more details, including preliminary schedules and how to register, go to

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