Xwi7xwa Library is pleased to share that student librarian and MAS/MLIS candidate Allison Mills has been recently published.  Her article, “Colonialism in Wizarding America: J.K. Rowling’s History of Magic in North America through an Indigenous Lens” appears in Volume 19, Issue 1 of The Looking Glass : New Perspectives on Children’s Literature Journal (July 2016)

For more discussion see: Debbie Reese – American Indians in Children’s Literature.

Xwi7xwa is happy to announce 2 new scholarly publications by Xwi7xwa librarians. These publications examine the intersection between Indigenous collections and Indigenous metadata.

The article, Indigenization of the knowledge organization at the Xwi7xwa Library, by Ann Doyle, Kim Lawson, and Sarah Dupont is in the Special Issue: Indigenization of Knowledge Organization, Journal of Library and Information Studies 13:2 (December 2015) p.107-134 doi: 10.6182/jlis.2015.13(2).107 a peer -reviewed open access journal published by the Department of Library & Information Science of the National Taiwan University. The abstract written in Chinese and English describes the Indigenization of knowledge organization at Xwi7xwa and its historical development as an Aboriginal academic library in the context of Indigenous education in Canada. Crucial to this history is the development of its unique Indigenous metadata (the Xwi7xwa classification, the First Nations House of Learning Subject Headings, and the enhanced Aboriginal MARC record) including the conceptual framework that guides current practice. We argue that Indigenous collections and Indigenous metadata are synergistic and mutually interdependent, concluding that Indigenized knowledge organization approaches are critical to effective Indigenous reference and instructional services, student learning, and research. We also highlight opportunities for Indigenized knowledge organization through collaborations with emerging networks of Indigenous scholars and Indigenous communities of knowledge and convergences of new technologies.

The IFLA Metadata Newsletter December 2015 issue (p. 29-30) highlights the new Indigenous Knowledge Organization Special Issue of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly Vol 53 N 5/6 2015 guest edited collaboratively by Cheryl A. Metoyer (Associate Dean for Research, Association Professor, the Information School, University of Washington), and Ann Doyle, Xwi7xwa Library, UBC.  This seminal issue is the first CCQ issue devoted to Indigenous content and one of the few LIS publications devoted to Indigenous research and professional practice. The 15 articles are theoretical, scholarly, as well as practice-based by authors from 4 countries with a balanced representation of Indigenous authors, collaborative projects, and Indigenous community initiatives. The afterword is by UBC University Librarian Ingrid Parent! The special issue devoted to this emergent field is forthcoming as a monograph from Routledge Taylor and Francis.

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