Faculty Town Hall with SSHRC – April 5th, 2017

UBC – VPR and SPARC invite you to attend a Faculty Town Hall with SSHRC.

This is an opportunity to hear first-hand about SSHRC’s new programs and changes in eligibility.


WHO: Tim Wilson, Executive Director, SSHRC Research Grants and Partnerships

WHEN: 1:30-3:30pm on Wednesday 5th April, 2017

WHERE: Fred Kaiser, Room 2020/2030


WHY: Over its 35-year history, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) has focused on building Canada’s capacity to undertake excellent research—and, as a result, has funded Canada’s top researchers and research trainees. Because research “excellence” is an ever-evolving target, its pursuit is both an enduring commitment and a priority. As Executive Director of Research Grants and Partnerships at SSHRC, Tim Wilson is responsible for overseeing all of the Agency’s Grant programs. He will talk about SSHRC funded programs and future plans. This is especially relevant given recent changes to the Insight Grant and eligibility of health related research, and a new stream of Partnership funding.|


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Harry Potter at UBC Library

Since its first publication in the U.K. in 1997, the Harry Potter series has garnered international acclaim, and is arguably the most popular children’s literature series in several generations, having joined the ranks of other famous titles such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In 2015, UBC Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections began acquiring complete sets of first editions of the Harry Potter series. Collecting and preserving copies of the Harry Potter books ensures that scarce first and special editions of these titles will be available to Canadians for generations to come.

A new exhibit at Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

In tandem with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s screening and performance of Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsTM, Rare Books and Special Collections is exhibiting some of the unique and remarkable Harry Potter books in its collection. This exhibit is the second of its kind, the first took place in 2016 in tandem with VSO’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneTM. Unique to the exhibit in 2017 is the addition of several antiquarian books from UBC Library’s William C. Gibson History of Medicine and Science Collection. These titles feature beautiful wood block and etching prints of magical creatures including unicorns, dragons and basilisks—providing insight into the types of fascinating source materials author J.K. Rowling may have used to create her magical universe.


Depictions of dragons in UBC Library’s William C. Gibson History of Medicine and Science Collection

Depictions of unicorns in UBC Library’s William C. Gibson History of Medicine and Science Collection


Explore Harry Potter at UBC Library
VSO event details

Attend a tour of Rare Books and Special Collections

Join a weekly tour of the Rare Books and Special Collections department every Wednesday from 11 a.m.–12 p.m. Experience an introduction to our space and our unique materials and collections, including items from the Harry Potter collection. Tours are free and open to the general public.

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Chinese-language materials

CT3990 R36 R36 2016
饒學與華學 : 第二届饒宗頤與華學暨香港大學饒宗頤學術館成立十周年慶典國際學術研討會論文集

DS777.53 .Z46 2016
中国抗战大后方中间党派文献资料选编 / 杨力编

HD8708.5.C6 Z38 2016
“猪仔”华工访问录 / 刘玉遵等编

JQ1519 A5 Z4935 2015
中央革命根据地历史资料文库. 军事系统 / 中共江西省委党史研究室, 中共赣州市委党史工作办公室, 中共龙岩市委党史研究室编

PL1735 C555 2015
随身应急情景粤语 / 陈铭恩编著

PL2274.2.C3 L52 2015
中外文学交流史. 中国-加拿大卷 / 梁丽芳, 马佳, 张裕禾, 蒲雅竹著 ; 钱林森, 周宁编

PL2754.S5 Z655535 2016
恋爱中的鲁迅 : 鲁迅在厦门的135天 / 房向东著

PL2801.N18 Z885 2015
诚人笃行 : 沈从文的人生交游 / 王力著

PL2922 C49 Z846 2016
岁月历练的优雅 : 杨绛传 / 文方著

PL2924 Y85 D66 2016
东方华尔街 : 新 “上海滩” 的阴谋与爱情 / 叶永烈著

PN2875.F84 Z46 2016
中国戏曲活化石 : 政和四平戏 / 罗小成主编 ; 政和县文化体育新闻出版局编

PN5369.P43 J4365 2016
京報副刊 / 孫伏園主編

Korean-language materials

BS315.K89 P96 2015
한글 개역 성경 의 우리 말 오류 / 변 이주 지음

DS793.Y4835 A675 2015
중국 길림성 조선족 학교 교가 와 그 연구 / 안 병삼 지음

DS917.35 .H379 2015
한국 의 정치 70년 / 이 완범 외 지음

PL912 .C49 2015
한국어 연구 와 유추 / 최 형용, 박 민희, 김 혜지, 이 찬영, 김 현아, 오 윤경, 방 유정

PL941.A1 K56 2015
한국 방언 의 지리적 분포 와 변화 / 김 경숙

PL945.P96 C46 2015
평창 방언 성조 와 언어 분화 / 최 영미 지음

PL991.613.S587 Z846 2016
홍진 난세 에서 쓸쓸하게 헤매는 ‘모던 보이’ : 백 석 의 ‘만주’ 체험 과 시편 / 왕 염려 지음

PL991.9.S4 Z76 2015
저항 시인 이 상화 시 연구 / 김 계화 지음

Indic-language materials

BL2017.9.H28 R36 2016
Bābā Haradāsa Siṅgha : jīwana britānta / Rāṇā, Raṇajīta Siṅgha

D923 .R37 2016
Yaurapa dī yātarā : safaranāmā  = Europe di yatra / B. S. Rattan

PK2098.13.A372 B44 2016
Be gaḍḍī caṛha gaī : kahāṇīāṃ = Be gaddi chadh gayi : short stories / by Kamlesh Bakhshi

PK2658 .A36 2016
Āhaṭa : sāla 2015 dīāṃ behatarīna Pañjābī kahāṇīāṃ / by Baldev Singh Dhaliwal

PK2659.S268 A47 2016
Akattha kathā : Srī Gurū Amaradāsa Jī dī jīwanī te ādhārata nāwala = Akath katha : a historical novel / by Harnam Dass Sehrai

LAW LIBRARY level 3: JX1 .H34 v. 27 2014
Hague Academy of International Law, Hague Yearbook of International Law 2014 (Dordrecht: M. Nijhoff, 2014).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: K720 .P54 2013
Christopher Pierson, Just Property: Volume Two: Enlightenment, Revolution, and History (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016).
Online access: http://resolve.library.ubc.ca/cgi-bin/catsearch?bid=8634538

LAW LIBRARY reference room (level 2): KD313 .S77 2016
Daniel Greenberg & Yisroel Greenberg, eds., Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases, 9th ed. (London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2016).

LAW LIBRARY reference room (level 2): KE339 .P76 2015
David Layton & Michel Proulx, Ethics and Criminal Law, 2d ed. (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2015).
Online access: Ebook

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KE3247 .H37 2016
David Harris & Peter Israel, eds., The Written Contract of Employment (Toronto: Emond, 2016).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KE7709 .H36 2017
Darwin Hanna, Legal Issues on Indigenous Economic Development (Toronto: LexisNexis Canada Inc., 2017).

“Reading Worlds at Home”

Featuring readings by Shani Mootoo, Lydia Kwa, and Larissa Lai and a discussion of the film All Our Father’s Relations  by Elder Larry Grant and Sarah Ling.

The event was part of “Worlds at Home: On Cosmopolitan Futures,” a public symposium bringing together scholars from across Canada, the US and Australia to consider the future of cosmopolitanism as a critical approach to scholarship and praxis. The symposium took place on UBC’s Vancouver campus from March 16-17, 2017 and featured an interview with Dr. Sneja Gunew (UBC) and a launch of her book, Post-multicultural Writers as Neo-cosmopolitan Mediators (Anthem Press) as well as a keynote address by Dr. Pheng Cheah (UC Berkeley) and more.

For more information about “Worlds at Home: On Cosmopolitan Futures,” visit: http://worldsathome.arts.ubc.ca/

Speakers: Shani Mootoo, Lydia Kwa, Larissa Lai (University of Calgary), Elder Larry Grant, Sarah Ling

Select Books and Articles Available at UBC Library

Bradley, A., & Bradley, A. (10/01/2010). International journal of refugee law: Beyond borders; cosmopolitanism and family reunification for refugees in canada Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/ijrl/eeq025 [Link]

Breckenridge, C. A. (2002). Cosmopolitanism Duke University Press. [Link]

Cheah, P. (2016). What is a world : on postcolonial literature as world literature. Duke University Press [Link]

Gunew, S.M. (2017). Post-multicultural writers as neo-cosmopolitan mediators. Anthem Press [Ordered at Koerner Library, call number forthcoming]

Gunew, S. M., & Rizvi, F. (1994). Culture, difference and the arts. St Leonards, NSW, Australia: Allen & Unwin. [Available at Koerner Library Stacks DU120 .C85 1994]

Kwa, L. (2013). Sinuous. Winnipeg: Turnstone Press. [Available at Koerner Library Stacks PS8571.W3 S56 2013]

Lai, L. (2014). Slanting I, imagining we Asian Canadian literary production in the 1980s and 1990s. Wilfrid Laurier University Press [Link]

Lai, L. (2002). Salt Fish Girl: A Novel. Toronto: T. Allen Publishers. [Available at Koerner Library Stacks PS8573.A3775 S24 2002]

Mootoo, S. (2014). Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab. Toronto: Doubleday Canada [Available at Koerner Library Stacks PS8576.O569 M68 2014]

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