Video sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Schools participate in the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network (AESN) on a voluntary and annual basis. AESN schools link their inquiry specifically to Aboriginal ways of knowing. The Spiral of Inquiry provides school teams with the structure for guiding their improvement and innovation work. Participating schools develop and submit an inquiry focus, collaborate with colleagues through regional meetings, and share case studies in a spirit of generosity and curiosity.


Lynne Tomlinson (Director of Instruction), SD 45, West Vancouver

Trish Catherine (Teacher), Ecole Ballenas Secondary SD 69, Qualicum

Paul Boyd (Teacher) WL Seaton Secondary, SD 22, Vernon

Marcus Toneatto (Principal), South Okanagan Secondary School, SD 53, Okanagan Similkameen

Mary Neto (Teacher), Smithers Secondary, SD 54, Bulkley Valley

Roberta Edzerza, (District Principal, Aboriginal Education) and Sandy Pond (Principal), Charles Hays Secondary, SD 53, Prince Rupert

Robert Taddei, (Teacher), Frank Hurt Secondary SD 36, Surrey







staff at booth

Thank you to all the UBC students who came to the Library’s annual Chat and Chew Library Love booth last Thursday in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Visitors grabbed snacks and swag to help them with their finals, and dropped in for a pop-up photo booth.

The Library hosts a Library Love booth twice a year to share appreciation for library users of all kinds and to encourage communication about library services and spaces.

Follow our Facebook page to see the album of photos from the event, and be sure to join us for the next Library Love event in the fall!

 staff at booth

Community Engagement Librarian


Adena Brons is an alumna from the iSchool at UBC with a Masters of Library and Information Studies and Masters of Archival Studies. Her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is also from UBC, in the English department. She has worked previously at the New Westminster Public Library and Simon Fraser University Library as a reference librarian. Her interests include community outreach, information literacy, and open access/open education.

Current Role and Responsibilities:

As Community Engagement Librarian for Business Services, Adena is responsible for the management and development of the Library’s entrepreneurship and community-focused business programs, including the Small Business Accelerator (SBA) program and its extensive web-based research assets. In addition, she is also responsible for conducting outreach with the e@UBC (Entrepreneurship at UBC) program and the broader business community, with the goal of providing collaborative and innovative services within the Library.


Phone: 604-827-2670

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Japanese-language materials

DS777.533 W37 O48 2016
「銃後」の民衆経験 : 地域における翼賛運動 / 大串潤児

DS831 R9 K57 2013
同化と他者化 : 戦後沖縄の本土就職者たち / 岸政彦著

HN730 Z9 M264 2014
街の人生 / 岸政彦

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ナチス・ドイツと〈帝国〉日本美術 : 歴史から消された展覧会 = Modern / 安松みゆき著

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洛中洛外図摒風 : つくられた<京都>を読み解く / 小島道裕

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沖縄の新聞は本当に「偏向」しているのか / 安田浩一

Z682.4 C63 T66 2016
大学図書館専門職員の歴史 : 戦後日本で設置・教育を妨げた要因とは / 利根川樹美子

Chinese-language materials

B128 C8 M446 2016
孔子周游地域影像志 / 梅和勒·庆吉著

DS749.42 T33 D56 2016
李隆基大传 / 鼎湖听泉著

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程瑤田《仪礼丧服文足征记》再研究 : 以服叙问题为中心 / 金玲著

N7349 Z478 L8 2016
血缘的历史 : 1996年之前的张晓刚 / 吕澎著

ND1049 F28 A35 2016
艺林偶谈 / 范曾著

PL1171 G46 2016
跟着汉字去旅游 / 主编林虹, 郭晓露

PL2837 A35 Z798 2016
爱玲说 / 刘绍铭著

PL2843 P5 J523 2016
极花 / 贾平凹著

PL2939 A47 Y59 2016
医院 / 韩松著

Korean-language materials

BQ2683 K6 Y53 2015
구사론 계품, 근품, 파아품 : 신 도 영혼 도 없는 삶 / 이 종철 역주

CN1182 C48 2015
중국 소재 한국 고대 금석문 / 곽 승훈 [and seven others] 역주

DS916.5 C483 C4586 2015
최 남선 과 근대 지식 의 기획 / 육당 연구 학회 지음

HM 851 Y538 2016
이 어령 의 지 의 최전선 / 이 어령, 정 형모

PL917 C496 2015
틀리기 쉬운 우리 말 바로 쓰기 / 정 재윤 지음

PL981.7 Y548 2016
이 효석 문학상 수상 작품집 2016 / 조 해진, 권 여선, 김 사과, 김 숨, 김 유진, 박 형서, 이 장욱, 정 미경

PL994.14 K36 K86 2015
그믐, 또는 당신 이 세계 를 기억 하는 방식 / 장 강명 장편 소설

Z251 K65 H93 2016
활자 의 나라, 조선 : 2016년 테마전 = Joseon : the movable type dynasty : 2016 special exhibition / 글 이 재정


A new open science prize has arrived on the international scholarly community stage and is causing a positive stir among global researchers and their research teams who come from a wide breadth of disciplines and fields of study.

It is “sponsored by a collaboration among the U.K.-based Wellcome Trust, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute” and is hugely welcomed by researchers “who are develop[ing] innovative tools and services that could unleash the power of data to advance discovery and improve health around the world”.

“It’s really bringing to light the nascent ideas that researchers are thinking about, but not necessarily put out there yet,” as per Aki MacFarlane, Programme Officer in the Open Research team with Wellcome Trust. “We’ve managed to bring some awareness to lots of things going on that we as funders and public were not aware of — which is great.”

Read the full SPARC announcement here


First-ever Open Science Prize by the Numbers:

  • Six finalist projects from a field of 96 solutions proposed by applicants in 45 countries
  • 4,000 votes came in from 76 countries to narrow the field from six to three
  • Final winner (below) was chosen by a review committee appointed by the prize sponsors
  • Grand prize award-winning team won $230,000


Open Science Prize grand prize winner:


An open-source project to harness the scientific and public health potential of pathogen genome data (in real time)



Other Open Science Prize finalists:

Fruit Fly Brain Observatory

An open source platform for studying fruit fly brain function, and for investigating fruit fly brain disease models that are highly relevant to the mechanisms of human neurological and psychiatric disorders


Open Neuroimaging Laboratory

Lowering barriers to data and tools for open collaborative science of the brain



A portal through which families with rare genetic conditions who are interested in sharing their health and genetic information can connect with other families, clinicians, and researchers



Empower communities to end air inequality through open data (in real-time)


OpenTrials FDA

Enabling better access to drug approval packages submitted to and made available by the Food and Drug Administration



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