Date: September 30December 3, 2017
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Visit the art exhibition “Canada at 150+: Trauma, Memory and the Story of Canada” presented by the South Asian Canadian Histories Association from now until early December at UBC, and in the Punjabi Market (6500 block of Main Street, Vancouver). 

Two works for the exhibition will be on view at the Asian Centre foyer and the upper floor of the Asian Library: Pouf, Sausage, Weight, Arc (2017) by Sameer Farooq  and How This Will End (2017) by Umesh M.S.

Other artists taking part in this exhibition include Vikky Alexander, Sonny Assu, Jason Baerg, and Hyung-Min Yoon. For more information, please visit the SACHA website at

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PK2099.32 A83 V37 2016
Vāṭsa epa para kṛāṇti : kahānī-saṅgraha / Anurāga Pāṭhaka

PK2099.34 S64 W43 2016
Whatsapp: riśte-nātoṃ kī kahāniyām̐ / Raśmi


BL2230 Y525 2016
한국 신화 와 문화 / 이 병찬

DS916.5 Y53 O27 2016
대한 민국 임시 정부 의 정신적 지주 이 동녕 / 한국 독립 운동사 연구소 기획 ; 오 대록 지음

DS923.25 W53 2016
위대한 한국민, 전진 하는 역사 / 이 장희, 정 영일, 김 준형, 정 진백 편

HX948 O234 2016
일제 하 한국 아나키즘 소사전

PL908.8 Y37 2016
한국어 어문 규범 연구

PL931 C38 2016
말 맛 을 더하고 글 맛 을 깨우는 우리 말 어원 이야기 / 조 항범 지음

PL958.6 K4354 2016
풍화 와 기억 : 일제 말 친일 협력 문학 의 재해석

PN1998.3 C437 M64 2016
뫼비우스 장 진영, 그 참을 수 없는 그리움 / 정 민아 외 지음


D810 C698 K576 2017
「慰安婦」問題の言說空間 : 日本人「慰安婦」の不可視化と現前 / 木下直子

DS869 N36 M6 2016
南部信直 : 戦国の北奥羽を制した計略家 / 森嘉兵衛

DS889.15 H384 2016
田中角栄と中曽根康弘 : 戦後保守が裁く安倍政治 / 早野透, 松田喬和

GB471 K35 2017
島嶼学への誘い : 沖縄からみる「島」の社会経済学 / 嘉数啓

NC1709 T48 M56 2016
回想私の手塚治虫 : 「週刊漫画サンデー」初代編集長が明かす、大人向け手塚マンガの裏舞台 / 峯島正行

PL728.174 I144 2016
萬葉集訓読の資料と方法 / 池原陽斉

PL856 U673 K57 2017 V.1-2
騎士団長殺し / 村上春樹 

PN1997 A837 S43 2017
「新しき土」の真実 : 戦前日本の映画輸出と狂乱の時代 / 瀬川裕司


DS755 H837 2016
晚清最后十八年 : 从甲午战争到辛亥革命 / 黄治军著

DS774 W3735 2016 v.1-2
民国逸史 / 王习耕编著

DS777.53 X543 2016
解读抗日战争 / 姜廷玉主编

HN742 X8 2016
广告呈现与传播中的近代澳门社会 : 基于《澳门宪报》中文广告的研究 / 徐莉莉著

N7485 C6 C446 2016
凸思集 : 艺海踏浪 / 陈昌友著

PL2262 L529 2016
梁羽生妙评民国诗词 / 梁羽生著

PL2419 A87 S45 2016
悦读的艺术 : 中国小说读者学片面观 / 石钟扬, 郭春萍著

PL3031 T32 A168 2016
2016 台灣文學獎得獎作品集 / 國立台灣文學館編印


Marking its tenth anniversary this October, the International Open Access Week: October 23-29, 2017 is a large scale, global event. It is where open access advocates, supporters and participants share their knowledge and experiences about the benefits of Open Access. This event serves to “inspire wider adoption and participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research”.


Starting in 2007 as an Open Access Day event dubbed as “a partnership between SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and students who organized local events on a handful of campuses across the United States”, it is now a worldwide event where anyone interested in furthering the dissemination of openly accessible scholarly research can partake.


The collaborative International Open Access Week 2017 event by UBC Library, UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, Simon Fraser University (SFU) and British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) libraries, and BC Campus will take place as follows:



Thursday, October 26, 2017



5:00-6:00pm (arrivals and appetizers)



6:00-8:00pm (including coffee and dessert)



BCIT’s downtown campus


The event theme, Tension and Risk in Open Scholarship: A Conversation: 2017-10-26, will address not only the “benefits and opportunities of open access but also a recognition that openness can sometimes create unintended consequences for individuals and communities”.


Register here and join BC’s open scholarship conversation in celebration of International Open Access Week 2017!





Rare Book and Special Collections at UBC Library and the Department of English is delighted to host a symposium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Library’s acquisition of the Norman Colbeck Collection of Nineteenth Century and Edwardian Poetry and Belles Lettres.


An Unmatched Devotion: A 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Colbeck Collection at UBC Library
Wednesday, October 25, 2017
10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Dodson Room (301), Irving K. Barber Learning Centre


The Colbeck Collection, which comprises some 13,000 rare and often unique volumes – in addition to literary manuscripts and letters – is one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of Victorian and Edwardian English and Anglo-Irish literature. We’re delighted to be joined by scholars from around the globe for this fascinating discussion on Colbeck-related scholarship and research.


“The Victorians Come to Vancouver and Delaware”
Mark Samuels Lasner
Senior Research Fellow, University of Delaware Library


“Out and Out from the Family to the Community: the Housmans and the Politics of Queer Sibling Devotion”
Kristin Mahoney
Associate Professor of English, Michigan State University


“The Mirror of Everyday Life: William Morris’s Book Collecting and the Kelmscott Press”
Yuri Cowan
Professor of Language and Literature, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


“The Pre-Raphaelites in the Colbeck Collection”
Florence Boos
Professor of English, University of Iowa


The symposium is free, open to the public, and will include a complimentary lunch and a post-event reception. If you are interested in attending the symposium, please register by October 13, 2017 at

In conjunction with the symposium Rare Books and Special Collection and the Department of English has planned a major exhibition in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre from October 23-December 20, 2017. We hope you can join us!

For more information, please contact Rare Books and Special Collections at 604 822-2521 or

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Curious about commercial brewing in B.C .?  BC historian, Greg Evans, used  UBC Library’s B.C. Digital newspapers archive to research and write his two-volume history of the commercial brewing industry in British Columbia. Evans’ work involved researching the 163 newspapers currently available through the archive for mentions of beer, brewing and pivotal figures within the industry in articles […]

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