Join us to meet with the educators from MediaSmarts to find out more how to equip your students to successfully and ethically navigate the digital world. Join us to learn about essential digital literacy skills and competencies, understand the digital experiences of Canadian youth, and familiarize yourself with the resources and tools that are available through the digital literacy framework and Media Smarts web site.

When:  4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m, December 5, 2017


Where: Scarfe 155, Education Library, UBC


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PL2872 F364 W36 2016
望春风 / 格非著

PL2892.5 A69 E77 2016
二十六篇 : 和青年朋友谈心 / 钱理群著

PL2932 A634 B35 2016
百年童话 = Life magic / 曹建伟作品

PL2947.5 L773265 W67 2016
我所理解的世界 = The world comprehend / 闾丘露薇著

PL2951.5 Y8 R87 2017
入诗為安 : 一首不可能譯成任何文字的詩 / 歐陽昱著

PL3748 P35 T35125 2016
塔洛 / 万玛才旦著

PZ10.831 Z4362 Xd 2016
小饼干和围裙妈妈. 第一次分开睡 / 郑春华著 ; 阿茄绘

PZ10.831 C4269 Gg 2017 v.1
故宮里的大怪兽 / 常怡箸


DS913.392 C53 C523 2017 v.1-3
正祖 殯殿 魂殿 都監 儀軌

DS913.392 C53 C524 2017
正祖 祔廟 都監 儀軌

DS924 K96 Y545 2017 v.1
고지도 를 통해 본 경상 지명 연구 / 기획, 편집 고문헌과 ; 글 이 기봉

HV6295 J3 C467 2016
조선·대만 특별 요시찰인 약식 명부 / 국가 보훈처 ; [장 신 번역 및 해제 ; 방 광석 감수]

PL989.72 N35 2017
恩坡 散稿 / 沈 樂洙

PL991.74 C5 2017 v.1-4
미당 서 정주 전집. 8-11, 산문 / 지은이 서 정주


DS868.2 U53 2016
川中島合戦 : 戦略で分析する古戦史 / 海上知明

Come and work with us!

Applications are now open for the position Head Librarian at Xwi7xwa Library. The Head Librarian is responsible for providing strategic leadership for people, services and operations, including the development of collections, services, and user spaces, and is charged with positioning the Xwi7xwa Library as a vital resource in advancing Indigenous scholarship at the University and beyond.

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LAW LIBRARY level 3: E96.5 .P69 2017
Brieg Capitaine & Karine Vanthuyne, eds., Power Through Testimony: Reframing Residential Schools in the Age of Reconciliation (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2017).
Online access:

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KJC5138 .L43 2017
Philip Leach, Taking a Case to the European Court of Human Rights (New York: Oxford University Press, 2017).

Last year, we posted about Ten Holiday Markets in British Columbia. This year, we thought we would cover our top tips for vendors to make your craft fair or holiday market experience a success.

5) First Impressions

First impressions are powerful and in a market crowded with other tables, you'll want to make a good impression on customers walking by. Start by raising your products to eye level. Creative storage material can help with this: apple crates make useful containers that double as display boxes. Keep your display tidy and organized and use spot lighting to highlight key items or fill in shadowed areas. Table coverings can be held in place by large electrical clamps (which double as shopping bag holders!)

4) Something to Remember You By

Markets are an excellent opportunity to share your brand with a wider audience. Customers who may not buy something today can remember your product design, your company name and your conversation and find you later. Keep something on hand to help that first impression stick.

  • Business Cards: make sure you have plenty on hand and that they contain all the information a customer needs to find you later. 
  • Samples: it's easy to provide samples or testers for food, beverage and cosmetic/beauty products. For other types of products, consider creating a small 'swag bag' with a treat for customers and your business information.
  • Photos: invite people to take pictures and share them. Make sure your social media accounts are visible on signage or business cards.

3) Organization is Key

Take the time before the market to organize your products and all the extras that you might need. Some ideas are:

  • Extra change and small bills for cash transactions
  • Stock up on bags or paper for wrapping purchases
  • Emergency kit with scissors, electrical tape, pens, pencils, paper, extension cords, extra tags, safety pins,  hot glue gun, double sided tape
  • Sign up sheet for newsletter, seeded with a couple email addresses.
  • Market specific information ahead of time, such as the table sizing

2) Make a Connection

As the business owner or solo entrepreneur, you are the face of your business. A market is your chance to connect with potential customers but also with your fellow small business owners and vendors. Chat with your neighbours and offer to cover bathroom breaks. It's a great networking opportunity and a chance to find out what other people are doing and any tips or tricks that they may have.

And remember the basics of successful customer service: stand up behind your table, don't eat while 'on duty,' and greet and smile at everyone who walks by. A neutral compliment ("I love your scarf!") can be a friendly way to start a conversation.

1) Take Care of Yourself

Running a table or booth for a long day can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Try to avoid burnout by asking a friend or colleague to watch your table for a few minutes so you can have a bite to eat and visit the rest of the market. Keep a water bottle behind the desk to stay hydrated. Build in some time after the market to decompress and unwind.


Vendors, what are you favourite tips for holiday markets?


Photo credit: Susanne Nilson on Flickr Used with Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 2.0

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