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Collections stand out for different reasons. The History of Nursing in Pacific Canada Collection contains many unique items, including materials from the Ethel Johns Fonds and local material (BC and Yukon) held at UBC Library. It further contains what is known as the Infant Feeders Collection, held in the Memorial Room of the Woodward Biomedical Library at the University of British Columbia.

Most of the infant feeding devices in this collection were donated to Woodward Library by Alice Lillian Wright. Wright was born on Prince Edward Island and received her early education there. She graduated from the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing in 1918 and later received a Bachelor of Science from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Wright specialized in pediatric nursing and was an instructor at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center and the Babies Hospital of New York. In 1943 Wright returned to Vancouver to become Executive Director of the Registered Nurses’ Association of British Columbia, continuing in this position until her retirement.

Here is a sampling of some of the feeding devices in the collection:


Nursing Bottles

According to an article from Nature, feeding bottles were created for nursing in the absence of the mother or when mothers were unable to nurse. Several types of nursing bottles – also known as feeding bottles – were developed over many thousands of years. This feeding bottle allowed the mother to control the flow of milk, by pressing the hole in the center top.

[Feeding bottle]

When glass-blowing became available, the “banana” type of feeding bottle emerged. The mother would press one side of the bottle to control the milk flow, while the baby could drink it in an inclined position.

[Glass feeding bottle]

There was one type of feeding bottle that was unfortunately known as the “Murder bottle”, because several babies died while using it. The bottle used a rubber tube attached to the nipple, which made it difficult for babies to suck the milk and caused several problems. Because the rubber tube was difficult to use and clean, it created a perfect environment for the development of deadly bacteria. Despite this fatal issue, this style of bottle remained popular until the 1920s.

[Nursing bottle], 1899


Rattle and teething ring

Rattles were often used as a tool to amuse a child, as they still are today. Some of them had additional elements, like this one, with a mother-of-pearl teething ring.

[Rattle and teething ring]


Pap warmer

The pap warmer was used to keep semi-liquid (or “pap”) warm during the night at the child’s bedside. They could be made of metal or ceramics and were used to keep food warm by using a vessel for oil and a wick. A complete pap warmer has several elements: the pedestal or base, with a large aperture for the godet; the godet, or vessel for oil; the liner, which was a bowl for hot water; pannikin, a bowl for the food; and a lid, with a work to hold a candle on it. Check other models of pap warmer that existed.

[Early American pap warmer]


Pap boats

Pap boats were used to feed soft foods during the first months of an infant’s life by simply pouring food into the child’s mouth. Overfeeding children was very common, and the practice in 18th and 19th century was to feed the child until they regurgitated and then continue to feed them.

Pap boat, 1810


Food pusher

This utensil was used to help the child to transition between eating food with fingers and using tableware. The food pusher was used to push food together so that it could be more easily picked up by a fork or spoon.

[Child’s food pusher], 1946

Did these items grab your attention? We have more on our collection! Access and check out the other infant feeder items in our History of Nursing in Pacific Canada Collection!




It is a pleasure to release the cIRcle Annual Impact & Activity Report 2016-2017!


In 2016-2017, cIRcle (UBC’s Digital Repository) had over 56,000 items. In the past two years, cIRcle has archived more than 4,000 deposits per year — an average annual growth rate of 8%.


Other highlights included in the report:

  • A breakdown of the increase in faculty content and a quick summary of the top content contributors
  • Developed cIRcle guidelines and practices on improving metadata for greater access and discoverability via UBC Library’s Open Collections portal
  • Featured Research Associate Emerita at the Royal British Columbia Museum and UBC alumna, Mary-Lou Florian
  • Spotlight on a few key partnerships and collaborations such as the Vancouver Institute Lecture Series and more


A quick sampling of new additions to cIRcle included:

Enhancing the clinical reflective capacities of nursing students

Form follows parking : strategies for mitigating the impacts of excess parking supply

Embedding the Frames of Evidence-Based Practice : Intersections in Librarianship

Research Data Management (RDM) Needs of Science and Engineering Researchers : A View from Canada

Analyzing Fire Ignition Data in the Kamloops, Lillooet and Merritt fire zones : with implications toward the effects of fire suppression on the landscape

The landscape of rare cancer : a sea of opportunity

Interventions to Improve Patient Hand Hygiene : A Systematic Review


And, last but not least by any means, we were thrilled to add the first fourteen items from UBC President Santa Ono and we look forward to adding more this year!


Make your UBC research openly accessible here


For every non-perishable food item you donate to the UBC Library, $2 will be reduced from your fines – to a maximum of $30! Donations are accepted at the Education Library and all other UBC Library branches.

All donations go to the UBC AMS Food Bank on Campus and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank which provide food relief for students in need, including non-perishable foods, supplies and information about additional resources on- and off-campus.

The highest demand items are:
– hearty soups, stews, chili
– canned fish, meat, beans
– pasta & rice
– peanut butter

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PL980.6 C49 2017
정전 : 2017 제 5회 수상 작품집 / 윤 해서

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연대기, 괴물 : 임 철우 소설집

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차 나 한잔 / 김 승옥

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골목 에 관한 어떤 오마주 / 권 정현 단편 소설집

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수림 : 어두침침 하고 우울 하게 내리는 긴 장맛비 : 백 민석 소설

PL994.18 S23 T46 2017
델 문도 = Del mundo : 세상 어딘가 에 / 최 상희 소설집

PL994.415 S86 N3 2017
나 는 염소 가 처음 이야 / 김 숨 소설

PL994.415 T684 K87 2017
급소 : 김 덕희 소설집


DS849 S65 S27 2017
日露外交 : 北方領土とインテリジェンス / 佐藤優

F2651 T37 Y65 2017
遙かなるブラジル : 昭和移民日記抄 / 與島瑗得著 ; 畑中雅子編

HE3360 N5 M35 2017
昭和解体 : 国鉄分割・民営化 30年目の真実 / 牧久

PL812 A8 Z736645 2017 v.1-2
漱石と日本の近代 / 石原千秋

PL845 K228 K986 2017
吸血鬼は世紀末に翔ぶ / 赤川次郎

PL877 T38 W37 2017
私をくいとめて / 綿矢りさ

PN1993.5 J3 T3738 2017
日本ヘラルド映画の仕事 : 伝說の宣伝術と宣材デザイン / 著谷川建司 ; 監修原正人

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隔離の記憶 : ハンセン病といのちと希望と / 高木智子


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N8602 Z465 2017

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我給記憶命名 / 席慕蓉著

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恐怖送肉糉 / 李碧華

PL2892 I5335 T36 2017
袒露的心 / 平路著

PL2946 Y826 X56 2017
薪火集 / 黎玉萍著

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