According to the 2018 University of British Columbia Course Calendar and departmental course descriptions, there are 6 courses, from 3 departments, not including First Nations and Indigenous Studies, that contain a significant amount of Indigenous content and are being offered for Summer 2018. These departments are Education, First Nations and Endangered Languages, and History.


EDUC 141 (3) Indigenous Studies (POINT, MARNY)

For students in the Indigenous Teacher Education Program (NITEP) only.

EDUC 440 (3) Aboriginal Education in Canada (multiple sections)

No course description available.

EDUC 442A (1) Critical Issues in Indigenous Education (TBA)

Post-practicum students will explore how a school program may need to be modified in order to integrate more fully First Nations history, content, and worldviews.


First Nations Languages

FNEL 480A (3) Endangered Language Documentation and Revitalization (TBA)

Critical study of the historical, social, cultural, political, and economic factors impact on language loss, retention, and revival. Research on and application of methodologies for collaborative, trans-disciplinary, community-based documentation and revitalization of BC’s Indigenous linguistic heritage.



HIST 326 (3) Canada Since 1945: Affluence and Anxiety in the Atomic Age (Borys, David)

Includes immigration policy; the welfare state; Aboriginal peoples; the Cold War; resource economies and national politics; continentalism and free trade; constitutional crises; conflicting nationalisms; and new social movements. Credit will only be granted for one of HIST 326 or 426, if 426 was taken before 2007W.

HIST 339 (3) The United States, 1945 to the Present: The Limits of Power (Paris, Leslie)

American military and geo-political power during and after Cold War; wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Middle East; domestic issues including McCarthyism, social movements (blacks, women, youth, gays.

You can download the course list here.UBC Courses with Indigenous Content Summer 2018



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