BL2211 R5 K59 2017
倭人の祭祀考古学 / 小林青樹著

DS822.2 .H27 2017
文明としての徳川日本 : 一六〇三ー一八五三年 / 芳賀徹

DS888 .T344 2017
復興百年誌 : 石碑が語る関東大震災 / 武村雅之

FC106.J3 K3445 2013
カナダ日本人漁業移民の見た風景 : 前川家「古写真」コレクション / 河原典史

G540 .A53 2017
日本社会再考 : 海からみた列島文化 / 網野善彦

HF1601 .S24 2017
空洞化と属国化 : 日本経済グローバル化の顚末 / 坂本雅子

ML3917.J3 H37 2014
初音ミク / 美術手帖編

N7359.K37 K37 2017
葛飾北斎, 江戶から世界を魅了した画狂 / 美術手帖編

NE1325.T76 A4 2017
月百姿 / 月岡芳年 ; 著日野原健司 ; 監修太田記念美術館

PL747.63.A85 S55 2017
私小說のたくらみ : 自己を語る機構と物語の普遍性 / 柴田勝二

PL832.U7 A6 2017
橇 ; 豚群 / 黒島伝治

PN1995.9.C49 O33 2017
映画とキリスト / 岡田温司


AM121 T35125 2017
美術館, 原來如此! : 從日本到歐美, 美術館的工作現場及策展思考 / 高橋明也作 ; 黃友玫譯

BJ1594.5 C5 A33 2017
別讓現在的壞事, 趕走未來的好事 / 艾爾文著

DS758.23 Z46 D66 2017
曾國藩制人攻心術 / 東土君著

JQ1539.5 A58 W3642 2017
香港政制發展歷程(1843-2015) / 王鳳超

PL2840 F356 W64 2017
我的家國閱讀 : 當代台灣人文精神 / 陳芳明著

PL2879 X52 T54 2017
鐵窗後的自由 / 劉曉波著 ; 余杰主編

PL2936.3 O54 S53 2017
神 / 董啟章著

PL3032 H363 L34 2017
來一次尋找的旅行 : 世界華文作家看邯鄲 / 世界華文作家交流協會編著

PN1998.3 W784 W45 2016
霞哥傳奇 : 跨洋電影與女性先鋒 / 魏時煜, 羅卡著

Z464 T353 L56 2017
誠品時光 / 林靜宜著



The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) provides a critical service to the open access publishing community by curating a comprehensive white list of trusted open access journals. As a result of this work, DOAJ increases the “visibility, accessibility, reputation usage and impact of quality peer-reviewed open access scholarly research journals globally” (DOAJ).

Operating as a not-for-profit organization, DOAJ relies on the voluntary donations of its member institutions in order to sustain its services. While this funding model has allowed DOAJ to establish a robust and trusted database of reputable open access journals, it does not afford them the ability to conduct long term planning or invest in substantial upgrades. In response to this precarious funding model, the organizations in SCOSS (The Global Sustainability Coalition for the Open Science Series) put forward a recommendation that DOAJ supporting members make a commitment to fund DOAJ for the three years, allowing the organization to make significant contributions to their strategic initiatives.

UBC Library, which has long been a supporting member of DOAJ, has signed on to provide this additional sustaining financial support and looks forward to the future resources and services that DOAJ will create as a result of more stable funding.

Read more about DOAJ’s accomplishments in 2017

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