We’re getting ready to kick off the 9th annual UBC Library United Way Spelling Bee on Thursday, October 11.

UBC faculty, staff, and students are invited to create a team of 4-10 people and compete for the win in this annual cross-campus event to raise awareness for the United Way.

  • Date: Thursday, October 11
  • Time: 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
  • Location: 4th floor Golden Jubilee Room, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (1961 East Mall, Vancouver, B.C.)

To register your team, fill out the online form by October 5th.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis, so don’t delay!

Download the 2018 Spelling Bee Poster. For more information, please contact Stacy Campbell.

LAW LIBRARY level 3: K3583 .C36 2016
Silver Donald Cameron, Warrior Lawyers: From Manila to Manhattan, Attorneys for the Earth (Halifax: Paper Tiger Enterprises Ltd., 2016).

LAW LIBRARY reference room (level 2): KE850.A7 C65 2018
Stephanie Ben-Ishai & David R. Percy, eds. Contracts: Cases and Commentaries, 10th ed.(Toronto: Thomson Reuters, 2018).

LAW LIBRARY reference room (level 2): KE8928 .F84 2018
Michelle Fuerst, Mona Duckett & Frank P. Hoskins, The Trial of Sexual Offence Cases, 2d ed. (Toronto: Thomson Reuters, 2018).


BT83.63 I537 2017
21세기 한국 사회 와 공공 신학 / 임 성빈

DS911.19 Y525 2017
한국 고대사 의 쟁점 과 과제 / 이 도학 지음

DS923.23 K457 2017
지민 의 탄생 : 지식 민주주의 를 향한 시민 지성 의 도전 / 김 종영 지음

GT2853 K6 U69 2017
음식 디미방 과 조선 시대 음식 문화 / 남 권희 [and 7 others] 지음

HV41 S524 2017
인도주의 의 눈 으로 바라본 착한 기부 나쁜 기부 / 신 상문 지음

ML342 Y5154 2017
한국 민족 악무사 / 이 민홍 지음

NA1565 Y53 2017
한국인, 어떤 집 에서 살았나 : 한국 현대 주생활사 / 이 희봉, 김 혜숙 [and two others]

PL913 A2 K36 2017
국어 교과서 의 탄생  / 강 진호 지음

PL977.2 S563 2018
2018 신춘 문예 희곡 당선 작품집

PL994.38 H83 T37 2017
다른 사람 : 강 화길 장편 소설


BQ699 K86 S45 2018
聖なる霊場・六鄉満山 / 大分県立歴史博物館

DS822.25 K495 2018
近代日本の地域と文化 / 羽賀祥二編

DS868.2 T248 2018
織豊系陣城事典 / 高橋成計

FC3846.9 J3 S938163 2017
希望の国カナダへ… 夢に懸け、海を渡った移民たち : ブリティッシュ・コロンビア州から始まった日系史 / アンリー/ゴードン・スィッツアー原作 ; GTP翻訳チーム共訳

HC462.7 I8343 2018
資本主義日本の地域構造 / 石井寬治

HT653 J3 S538 2018
下級貴族たちの王朝時代 : 「新猿楽記」に見るさまざまな生き方 / 繁田信一著

ND1059 M3424 A2 2018
玄皎想 / 松尾敏男

PL755.65 .N572 2018
外地巡礼 : 「越境的」日本語文学論 / 西成彦

PL840 M4 Z84 2018
梅崎春生研究 : 戦争・偽者・戦後社会 / 高木伸幸

PN1995.3 .N3452 2018
〈原作〉の記号学 : 日本文芸の映画的次元 / 中村三春


BL1900 C576 Z4 2017
庄子的快活 : 王蒙解”庄子, 外篇” / 王蒙著

CT3990 H78 D46 2017
胡适 / 邓丽兰著

DS751 S6 2016
宋朝短信 / 宋燕著

DS777.15 C5 G365 2017
陈独秀现代化思想研究 /高蕾著

DS796 M25 T36 2016 v.1-2
天朝异化之角 : 16-19世纪西洋文明在澳门  / 汤开建著

PL2277 S5856 2016
水流云在 / “文艺报”编选 ; 梁鸿鹰主编

PL2653 H34 2016
海姆立克急救 / 铁凝等著

PL2886 O1684 W63 2017
我们的荊轲 / 莫言

PL2925 K55 A6 2016 v.1-5
严歌苓长篇精品 (第九个寡妇、小姨多鹤、陆犯焉识、一个女人的史诗、金陵十三钗) / 严歌苓著

PZ10.831 L573 Qn 2016
亲爱的小耳朵 / 林少雯著

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Science Literacy Week  is an annual celebration of Canadian science, where libraries, universities, museums and other institutions hold events to show the diversity of amazing research happening across the country. This year, the event will take place September 17-23. We invite you to check out UBC Library’s Science Expo on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 from […]



It is a pleasure to announce the release of cIRcle, UBC’s Research Repository Impact and Activity Report for 2017-2018!


In 2017-2018, cIRcle reached another milestone of over 60,000 items and saw an increase of its annual growth rate from 8% in previous years to 10%.


This report highlights’ include a sampling of cIRcle’s new and ongoing partnerships, its growth and development along with a snapshot of its top content contributors.


Two spotlights of cIRcle projects and collections included in the report are the BioMed Central/SpringerOpen project and the noteworthy additions in the UBC President’s Speeches and Writing collection.


Explore UBC research in cIRcle, for example, the growing number of preprints and postprints of academic journal articles, conference proceedings, departmental publications, technical reports, course notes, and much more.





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