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Following another exciting year of the open access movement – “International Open Access Week 2018: Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge” headlining as this year’s theme, it is nice to share some highlights which took place here and abroad:



– Creating and Managing Your Academic Profile
In this workshop, participants developed scholarly/publication profiles via traditional and social tools and identified ways to broadly participate in their respective fields (e.g. webinars, blogs, open education resources)
– Put a License On It!
This hands-on workshop enabled participants to bring their own presentations, papers, reports, and images for which they wanted to attach a Creative Commons license so that others would know if they could their works for re-use, re-mix, etc.
– Emerging Media Lab – demo session
Attendees saw a live demo of the new technologies and tools available in UBC’s Emerging Media Lab
– Tri-Agency Open Access Policy: Requirements and Routes to Compliance
This workshop provided research authors, grant holders, and other scholars on how to make their work comply with Open Access policies from Canada’s Tri-Agencies (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) including publication and self-archiving tips and strategies
– Open But Not Free: Invisible Labour in Open Scholarship
A panel event with Q&A about the invisible labour in open scholarship as it relates to the rise of open scholarship has resulted in new challenges for practitioners and stakeholders working within a system in transition
Pixelating – Digital Humanities Mixer: “So I’ve done some stuff in Text-Encoding Initiative (TEI)…now what?”
Participants explored the world of Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) which is an open-source, community-based, multilingual standard for digital textual scholarship
– UBC Learning Analytics Student API Hackathon
A hackathon which enabled participants to explore explore ways that Canvas API can be used to benefit students
– Can I Use This? Finding and Working with Open Educational Resources (OER)
Attendees learned answers to common questions about openly licensed materials used for teaching and learning.


And from around the world…


Check out these highlights which happened during Open Access Week 2018:

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications and the two ways for funded researchers to comply


Creative Commons

New educational resources on open licensing for preprints with @ASAPbio and @PLOS became available

SEE also


Harvard University

A record-setting year for @HarvardDASH, Harvard’s open-access repository



Day 1 – Effect of Open Access on Copyright Challenges and Library Budgets in Africa

Day 2 – Open Access and Intergovernmental Organisations: Quadruple Dividend

Day 3 – How open access can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Day 4 – The Economist and the Librarian: What the Nobel Prize Tells Us about Open Access and Libraries

Day 5 – Reaching Further: Open Access and Public Libraries

Bonus: David Ramírez-Ordóñez’s post on #OpenAccess as a first step for #OpenScience



Live from New York, it’s… #OpenCon United Nations Headquarters! Catch the online discussion, presentations and slides at #OpenConUN



Free screening of “Paywall: The Business of Scholarship” happened at UBC and around the world during Open Access Week 2018





BQ6353 K82 S4825 2018
近代化する金閣 : 日本仏教教団史講義 / 藤田和敏

DS881.5 Y58 K64 2018
評伝横井小楠 : 未来を紡ぐ人, 1809-1869 / 小島英記

DS894.99 K3395 O375 2018
神の島のうた / 葛西亜理沙写真;中脇初枝文

GV1188 J3 I66 2018
射芸の探求と教育の射 / 入江康平

HQ759 F79 2018
近世武家社会の奥向構造 : 江戶城・大名武家屋敷の女性と職制 / 福田千鶴

HV800 J3 W38 2018
子どもの貧困 : 未来へつなぐためにできること / NPO 法人キッズドア理事長渡辺由美子

NA6050 Y36 2018
神をまつる神社建築 : 玉殿の起源と発展 / 山田岳晴

ND1053.6 K36 M375 2018
権力の肖像 : 狩野派絵画と天下人 / 松島仁

PL696 Y66 2018
ことばが消えたワケ : 時代を読み解く俗語の世界 / 米川明彦

PL747.6 S84 2018
波瀾万丈の明治小說 / 杉原志啓

PL853 S535 Z89 2018
常世の花石牟礼道子 / 若松英輔

TX783 M585 2018
和菓子 : 伝統と創造 : 何に価値の真正性を見出すのか / 森崎美穂子


BR1295 W46 C37 2017
温州基督徒與中國草根全球化 / 曹南來

D523 G478125 2018
不曾结束的一戰 : 帝國滅亡与中東歐民族國家興起 / 羅伯·葛沃斯(Robert Gerwarth)著 ; 馮奕達譯

DS421 H78 2018
用電影說印度 : 從婆羅門到寶萊塢, 五千燦爛文明背後的現實樣貌 / 黃偉雯

DS922.462 M3125 2018
北朝鮮核危機!全内幕.  金正恩的外交遊戲 : 你不知的北韓核武真相 / 牧野愛博(Makino, Yoshihiro)著 ; 林巍翰譯

G3201 P1 Z485 2017
中外交通古地圖集 / 朱鑒秋, 陳佳榮, 錢江, 譚廣濂編著

HE894 M377 2018
海上丝绸之路与亚洲海域交流(15世纪末-20世纪初) / 松浦章(Matsuura, Akira)著 ; 孔颖编译

PL720.55 C6 L56 2018
勸善垂戒, 孝行可風 : 從中日出版文化論漢籍之東傳承衍 / 林桂如

PL2754 S5 Z58885 2017
血性文章 : 鲁迅研究序跋集 / 陈漱渝

PL2848 Y8 Z9825 2017
金庸小说的文化与价值研究 / 余醴

PL2939 A538 R46 2017
人之彼岸 / 郝景芳

PL2976 Y847 D36 2017
大乔小乔 / 张悦然

PZ10.831 S8 Zx 2017
自行车之歌 / 苏童

Z45 Z436 2017
中国文献载体演变史 / 赵海丽, 蔡先金


B5253 N45 K538 2018
율곡 이 묻고 퇴계 가 답 하다 : 퇴계 와 율곡 의 성리학 과 정치 철학 / 김 형찬

D810 C698 K59 2018 v.1-2
끌려 가다, 버려 지다, 우리 앞 에 서다 : 사진 과 자료 로 보는 일본군 ‘위안부’ 피해 여성 이야기 / 기획 서울시 여성 가족 정책실 ; 집필 서울대 인권 센터 정 진성 연구팀

DS915.35 K5575 2018
근대 한국 의 정치 변동 과 담론 : 이행 의 구조적 특이성 / 김 동택

DS922.445 K5555 2018
광주, 그날 의 진실 : 다시 쓰는 5.18 / 김 형석

HQ76.3 K6 P35 2018
조선 의 퀴어 / 박 차 민정

ND1070 M86 2018
평양 미술 : 조선화 너 는 누구냐 / 문 범강

PL957.5 T73 U26 2018
근대 조선 의 여행자들 : 그들 의 눈 에 비친 조선 과 세계 / 우 미영

PL961.6 Z44 2018
1930년대 한, 중 모더니즘 시 의 근대성 비교 연구 / 趙 萍

PL992.18 M96 H65376 2018
혼불, 저항 의 감성 과 탈식민성 / 서 철원

PL994.62 S628 C4 2018
체공녀 강 주룡 : 박서련 장편 소설

PN1995.9 I457 N6 2018
너 와 극장 에서 : 언제나 영화로운 이곳 / 엮은이 서울 독립 영화제 ; 기획 김 동현, 김 지은, 이 채현 ; 인터뷰 진행 이 채현 ; 촬영/인터뷰 사진 송 기영 ; 편집 유 정미

Z464 K63 K885 2018
광고 로 보는 출판 의 역사. 일제 강점기 편 : 1910-1945 / 서해 문집 출판 문화 연구소 ; 김 흥식 엮음

Our new Collection Spotlight is up!  “Winter Wonderland” is a gathering of children’s books with a winter theme.  Check out UBC Education Library’s bibliography of children’s books on winter.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the annual Marion Woodward Lecture series made possible with the continuing support of the Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s Foundation.

Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by UBC School of Nursing.

Presented by: Dr. Dawn Stacey, Professor & University Research Chair in Knowledge Translation to Patients, University of Ottawa

Mounting evidence demonstrates that engaging patients and the public as partners in healthcare decisions at both individual and community levels leads to better outcomes. However, patients and the public are not adequately engaged across a spectrum of health services and at multiple levels. This presentation will discuss evidence-based strategies and tools for supporting active patient and public involvement to put ‘patients first’ when making decisions about healthcare policies, research, organization governance, and direct care.

Dawn Stacey, RN, PhD, CON(C), holds a Research Chair in Knowledge Translation to Patients and is a Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Ottawa. She is the Scientific Director of the Patient Decision Aids Research Group at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. She was inducted as a member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada in recognition of her research. She leads the Cochrane Review of Patient Decision Aids, and co-chairs the Steering Committee for the International Patient Decision Aid Standards Collaboration.

Dr. Stacey’s internationally recognized research aims to understand, measure, and evaluate implementation of decision coaching and decision support tools for patients and healthcare professionals. She leads national and international initiatives to synthesize effective interventions and develop standards for translating scientific knowledge into user-friendly tools. Her research findings are used in clinical practice, continuing education for healthcare professionals, and health policy in Canada, Chile, the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

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