DS777.488 C5 Y363 v.1-4
找尋真實的蔣介石 : 蔣介石日記解讀 / 楊天石

DS796 H757 S519 2018
社運年代 : 香港抗爭政治的軌跡 / 鄭煒, 袁瑋熙

DS799 A3 Z44 2018

LG51 C55 T3 2018
楓落華西垻 / 譚楷

NB1280 S4 2018
色彩的记忆 : 南阳陈棚汉代彩绘画像石墓 / 凌皆兵

PL1071 T36 2018
那些常识的真相 / 陶短房

PL2321 W338 2017
盛唐三大家诗论 / 魏耕原

PL3031 H652 X523 2017 v.1-2
香港短篇小說百年精華 : 1901-2000 / 劉以鬯主編

PN2876 B4 Z4 2018
旧京伶界漫谈 / 张文瑞

Z1029 W4555 2016
文明的印記 : 圖書的奇幻旅程 / 國家圖書館特藏文獻組


BR1325 K5594 2018 v.1
한국 기독교사 / 김 명구 지음

DS910.2 K7 H36 2018 v.1-3
한(조선)반도 개념 의 분단사

DS915.5 K29 Y53 2018
姜瑋의開化思想硏究 / 이헌주

GR342 K47738 2018
근대 일본 의 조선 구비 문학 연구 / 김 광식

HC467.965 K564 2018
새로운 한국 모델 : 박 정희 모델 을 넘어 / 김 형기 지음

NC992 K62 Y43 2018
하루 중 제일 달콤 한 우리 가 함께 걷는 시간 / 글, 그림 이 규영.

ND1063.4 K575 2018
조선 시대 그림 이야기 : 조선 화론 집성 / 김 대원 지음

PL991.96 T6 Z9869 2018
윤 동주 와 그 의 시대 / 연세 대학교 국학 연구원 연세 학풍 연구소 편

PL981.7 H36 2018 v.1-3
한국 대표 작가 우수 작품 선집 / 강 병석 [and many others]

Z658 K6 K547 2018
한국 의 금서 / 김 길연 지음


DS514 Y58 2018
闘争の場としての古代史 : 東アジア史のゆくえ / 李 成市

DS822.4 A83 2018
卑屈と傲岸と鄉愁と : 日本人の「異」への眼差しの系譜 / 浅井雅志

DS855 N5453 N54 2018
日本書紀の誕生 : 編纂と受容の歴史 / 遠藤慶太, 河内春人, 関根淳, 細井浩志編

PL726.8 O425 2018
大江健三郎柄谷行人全対話 : 世界と日本と日本人

PL812 A8 Z83337 2018
夏目漱石, 読んじゃえば? / 奥泉光 ; [漫画・イラスト香日ゆら]

PL817 A62 A6 2018
山頭火俳句集 / 夏石番矢編

PL825 A8 Z896 2018
三つの空白 : 太宰治の誕生 / 鵜飼哲夫

PL875.5 H56 F37 2018
ファーストラヴ / 島本理生

PL876 A3866 O48 2018
送り火 / 高橋弘希

The Uno Langmann Family Collection of British Columbia Photographs contains postcards, family photo albums, and ephemera from the 1850s through the 1970s. The collection of over 18,000 photographs was donated to UBC Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections by Uno and Dianne Langmann. A portion of these photographs have been digitized and are accessible through Open Collections.

In addition to 79 photograph albums (containing 8,893 photographs), the digital collection contains 1,527 postcards. These postcards depict a range of subjects including landscapes, buildings and streets, parks, and bodies of water. Many of the postcards feature images taken by important photographers, including George Alfred Barrowclough, Leonard Frank, and Philip T. Timms. To provide a starting point for exploring the Uno Langmann postcards, we have compiled a brief profile for each of these three photographers, along with some representative postcards from the collection.

George Alfred Barrowclough

Born in England in 1872, George Alfred Barrowclough immigrated to Canada as a child with his family. In 1906, he moved from Winnipeg to the Lower Mainland, where he lived with his brother in Burnaby before moving to Vancouver in 1909.

The majority of Barrowclough’s postcards are from 1908-1912. The photographs focus on typical scenes, buildings, and popular destinations in and around Vancouver:

Barrowclough, George Alfred. Carnegie Library, Vancouver, B.C., [between 1910 and 1920?].

Barrowclough, George Alfred. Tally ho, Vancouver here, [between 1900 and 1910?].

Barrowclough, George Alfred. Post Office, Vancouver, B.C., [not after 1910].

Barrowclough, George Alfred. Big Tree Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., [between 1910 and 1920?].

Barrowclough, George Alfred. Capilano Bridge, B.C., [between 1910 and 1920?].


Notably, Barrowclough also took pictures of news events, like these photos of a streetcar crash and rubble from a fire:

Barrowclough, George Alfred. A bad smash between a drug store window and a st. car, Vancouver, B.C., [between 1910 and 1920?].

Barrowclough, George Alfred. Ruins by Fire, Vancouver, 1907.


And sometimes, his captions sometimes featured a bit of humor:

Barrowclough, George Alfred. On Strike for a Wider Road in Stanley Park, B.C., [between 1900 and 1910?]

Leonard Frank

Born in 1870 in Germany, Leonard Frank immigrated to San Francisco in 1892 during the gold rush. Although he never found gold, he won a camera in a raffle, and then moved north to Alberni, B.C. in 1894. He ran a general store and started a small studio there, then relocated to Vancouver in 1917, where he became a prominent commercial photographer.

The Uno Langmann collection contains 84 postcards featuring Leonard Frank photographs. Several of the photographs in the collection are landscapes, featuring locations across B.C.:

Frank, Leonard. Canadian Rockies, 1927.

Frank, Leonard. Capilano River and Lions, 1927.


This photograph was taken in Alberni, B.C., before Leonard Frank moved to Vancouver:

Frank, Leonard. Sproat Lake, V.I., [between 1905 and 1916?]


Like most postcard photographers, Leonard Frank also photographed buildings and attractions in Vancouver:

Frank, Leonard. Hotel Vancouver, 1927.

Frank, Leonard. Corner of Hastings & Granville Streets, Vancouver, B.C., [between 1910 and 1920?].

Frank, Leonard. English Bay, Vancouver, B.C., [between 1910 and 1920?].

Frank, Leonard. Vancouver, B.C., 1927.

Philip T. Timms

Philip Timms had a long and impressive career: born in 1874 in Toronto, he finally retired in 1968, after a 70-year career as a photographer. His photographs feature scenes from both the Lower Mainland and northern British Columbia. In addition to his independent work, he was the official photographer for the Vancouver Museum.

Timms, Philip T. Some retail shops, Granville St., Vancouver, B.C., [between 1903 and 1912?].

Timms, Philip T. Keep Left – Stanley Park, [1905].

Timms, Philip T. S.S. Princess Victoria, leaving dock, Vancouver, B.C., [1906].

Timms, Philip T. Choose ye, the farm or the city, Vancouver, B.C., [1906].

Timms, Philip T. Popular Stopping Place : Meals, Rooms, Cabins, Rest. Fraser Canyon, B.C., [1945].

Timms, Philip T. [Taking photographs of Bowen Island].


You can check out the rest of the Uno Langmann postcards here, or visit the Uno Langmann Collection page to browse by subject or date.


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