The Six Cedar Trees book features the core competencies, each represented by an animal (bear, beaver, orca, raven, salmon and wolf) from the Pacific Northwest Coast. The Large Poster includes the prompts from the book which support the core competencies, as well as the image of each featured animal. The set of six Mini Posters is designed for use with the whole class and the language has been structured to reflect group conversation: “Today we can connect with…” The Mini Posters can be displayed individually to focus on a selected core competency, or can be used as a group.

The bundle includes:
• The book, The Six Cedar Trees
• Large Poster for individual self-reflection
• Mini posters designed for use with a group

Beautifully illustrated animals by Coast Salish artist/author Celestine Aleck.

Cultural edits for the animal characteristics in the book, The Six Cedar Trees, by Celestine Aleck and Terri Mack.

Additional Information
The Six Cedar Trees is adapted from The Four Stones, an original story by Laurie Bayly, a teacher and counsellor with the Greater Victoria School District. Bayly’s story is based on SD61’s Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement, The Spirit of Alliances.

(From: Strong Nations website)

Connect the core competencies with The Six Cedars Trees book and poster set in your classroom!  Available in both French and English.

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