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Connections to the BC Curriculum:

An understanding of the human body is essential in its relation to the Personal Awareness & Responsibility Core Competency which states:

“Personal awareness and responsibility include the skills, strategies, and dispositions that help students to stay healthy and active, set goals, monitor progress, regulate emotions, respect their own rights and the rights of others, manage stress, and persevere in difficult situations. Students who demonstrate personal awareness and responsibility demonstrate self-respect and express a sense of personal well-being.

Knowledge of the human body is tied to both physical and health literacy and, according to the BC Physical and Health Education Rationale, “Bringing together components of both physical and health education complements First Peoples perspectives and worldviews that recognize the importance of balancing all components of well-being to maintain a healthy and safe way of life.”


Big Ideas

“Knowing about our bodies and making healthy choices helps us look after ourselves” (Physical and Health Education, Kindergarten-Gr. 1)

“Healthy choices influence our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.” (Physical and Health Education)

“Understanding ourselves and the various aspects of health helps us develop a balanced lifestyle.” (Physical and Health Education, Gr. 4-5)


To find more library resources that explore anatomy and the human body, try the following search terms in the Library catalogue:

“human body”

“human anatomy”

physiology OR “human physiology”

For teaching resources, add search term “study and teaching”

For non-fiction for children and young adults, add the search term “juvenile literature”

For fiction for children and young adults, add the search term “juvenile fiction”

Celebrate Learning Week (CLW) is a week-long initiative celebrating teaching and learning opportunities at UBC. It will take place April 29 – May 5, 2019. Events include open lectures, information sessions, student advising activities, poster sessions, workshops and more. This year we have several events focused on inclusive teaching. There are two panel discussions on […]


PK2598 N4154 K73 2017
Krāntivīrako sapanā : jananāyaka Rāmaprasāda Rāīko jīvanīmā ādhārita upanyāsa / Pradīpa Nepāla

PK2598 O44 A35 2017
Ailānī : upanyāsa / Viveka Ojhā

PK2598 S312126 S47 2018
Seto bāgha : aitihāsika upanyāsa / Ḍāyamanaśamasera Rāṇā


PL2740 H4 T5 2018
啼笑因缘 / 张恨水

PL2780 F4 A1995 2017
巴金文选 : 多语种版 / 巴金著 ; 郑赛芬译

PL2794 U3 46 2017
自我演戏以来 / 欧阳予倩

PL2822 T7 A6 2017 v.2
汪曾祺文存: 迟开的玫瑰或胡闹 / 汪曾祺

PL2930.5 Y5 Q55 2017
情人节爆炸案 / 阿乙

PL2946 J56 Q56 2017
青鸟故事集 / 李敬泽


BF201 K57 2018
속임수 의 심리학 : 눈 에 보이는 것 이 전부 는 아니다! / 김 영헌 지음

PL994.33 K96 K9 2018
곁 에 남아 있는 사람 : 임 경선 소설

PL994.415 K846 N3 2018
나 는 그것 에 대해 아주 오랫 동안 생각 해 : 김 금희 짧은 소설 / 곽 명주 그림

PL994.6 M96 C464 2018
춤 추는 사신 / 배 명훈 글 ; 노 상호 그림

PL994.613 Y56 K8 2018
그냥 흘러 넘쳐도 좋아요 : 혼자 여서 즐거운 밤 의 밑줄 사용법 / 백 영옥 에세이


DS897 Y69 C555 2018
横浜華僑社会の形成と発展 : 幕末開港期から関東大震災復興期まで / 伊藤泉美

GT4884 A3 Y345 2018
八重山・祭りの源流 : シチとプール・キツガン / 大城公男

HD9466 J33 T665 2018
築地, 鮭屋の小僧が見たこと聞いたこと : しゃけこさんの市場日記 / 佐藤友美子

ND1050 T34 2018
うらめしい絵 : 日本美術に見る怨恨の競演 / 田中圭子

PL829 A727 2018
橋本多佳子全句集 / 橋本多佳子

PL856 U673 K5738 2018
「騎士団長殺し」の「穴」を読む : セクシュアリティの多様性 / 谷崎龍彦

Now that the rainy season is finally ending, we’re ready to enjoy British Columbia’s beautiful beaches. For this post, we gathered together historic photos of B.C. beaches, from right here in the Lower Mainland to Powell River.

Starting locally, we found several photos of beaches at and near UBC in the UBC Archives Photograph collection. This photo of Wreck Beach from the 1980s shows the erosion of the Point Grey cliffs:

UBC 1.1/16555-8. Point Grey cliff erosion, aerial view, showing WWII searchlight tower and close-up of cliff-face, July 1983.


This photo of Jericho Beach from 1962 also shows the surrounding area, including West Point Grey and Kitsilano:

Holborne, Peter. UBC 1.1/3303. Aerial view of Jericho beach area, September 6, 1962.


Although the exact location of this photo within Vancouver is unknown, we love this beach attire from around 1900:

[Woman on a beach], [1900?].


These postcards show Kitsilano Beach in the early 20th century – check out the men’s suits in the first photo!

The Beach, Kitsilano, [between 1905 and 1915?].

Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, Canada, [between 1910 and 1935?].

Kitsilano Beach and Swimming Pool, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, [between 1920 and 1930?].


We found several photos of English Bay and Second Beach, over by Stanley Park:

Timms, Philip T. A warm day at the beach, Vancouver B.C., [1906].

English Bay, Vancouver, B.C., [between 1930 and 1939?].

Bullen, Harry Elder. Stanley Park, Second Beach, [between 1910 and 1920?].

Second Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C., [between 1920 and 1927?].


This photo shows several 1920s businesses near Crescent Beach in Surrey, including an ice cream parlor and a shop selling fish and chips:

Crescent Beach, B.C., [between 1920 and 1930?].


This postcard shows a bustling day at Boundary Bay, close to the Canada/U.S. border:

Boundary Bay, [between 1905 and 1915?].


In this postcard, swimmers and boaters enjoy the beach at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver:

Whytecliff, B.C., [between 1920 and 1935?].


In Powell River, Willingdon Beach is a serene location for enjoying the beach and camping:

Powell River Studios. Willingdon Beach, 1947.


We hope you get the chance this season to visit the nearby beaches and other vacation spots around the province to enjoy what B.C. has to offer.

The Puban Collection, one of UBC Library’s collections of rare books, was gathered by Chinese physician Junshi Yao during the 1940s and 1950s. This year we’re celebrating the 60th anniversary of the collection’s acquisition by UBC. Spanning 45,000 volumes, the collection is one of the primary resources for Chinese studies in North America.

The post UBC Library: Home to rare books, found nowhere else—thanks to UBC donors appeared first on About UBC Library.

LAW LIBRARY level 3: K3247 .S94 2015
Lee Swepston, The Foundations of Modern International Law on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples: The Preparatory Documents of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, and Its Development Through Supervision: Volume 2 (Leiden: Brill Nijhoff, 2018).

LAW LIBRARY level 3: KZA1120.3 .I45 2018
David Joseph Attard, ed., The IMLI Treatise on Global Ocean Governance, Volume 1 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018).

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The Ridington Room in the Music, Art and Architecture (MAA) Library at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre has added a new permanent installation that will be of interest to anyone with a penchant for medieval illuminated manuscripts. The Book of Kells facsimile, which was acquired by UBC Library’s Rare Book & Special Collections in […]

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