The end of term is here! As you are finishing up term papers, getting ready for presentations, and studying for final exams, the librarians have rounded up some things to push your assignments to the finish line. If you need help finding a copy of one of these resources, or need help finding other resources, come visit us from 11-3 Monday through Friday for reference help. Whether you’re searching for political science, natural resources, education, or something else, we love searching for you! Check out the linked resources below.

So You Want to Write About American Indians?: a Guide for Writers, Students, and Scholars by Devon Abbott Mihesuah gives an overview of both fiction and nonfiction books written about Indigenous people, and looks at challenges–many from the author’s own experience–that writers should be aware of when writing about this topic. Especially great for creative writing and English classes.

How to Critique Journal Articles in the Social Sciences by Scott R. Harris provides concise step by step tips and suggestions to reading articles written in the social science discipline, and how to spot strengths and weaknesses in research articles. A helpful read for learning to skim research articles and for suggestions on how to write up your own.

Writing Research Papers: a Complete Guide by James D. Lester & James D. Lester, Jr. is a traditional and practical book that will take you from selecting and narrowing down a research topic to formulating data to formatting your final paper. It covers a wide array of discipline and research writing styles.

Learning and Teaching Together: Weaving Indigenous Ways of Knowing Into Education by Michele T.D. Tanaka introduces teachers to an indigenist approach to education. Rather than focusing of theory and discussion, this book looks at how a group of settler teachers were able to respectfully implement Indigenous knowledge into their classrooms.

Therapeutic Nations: Healing in an Age of Indigenous Human Rights by Dian Million is an easy to read and understand book analyzing the way that trauma plays into the history of Indigenous peoples in North America.

Exploring Indigenous Social Justice edited by John G. Hansen, Ph. D is sixteen chapters by nineteen different expert authors on the what, where, and how in Indigenous social justice principles and practices. This book looks at social justice issues through methodology, education, resiliency, and from an international lens.

A Deeper Sense of Place: Stories and Journeys of Indigenous-Academic Collaboration by Jay T. Johnson and Soren C. Larsen looks at the ethical, political, intellectual, and practical meanings of collaboration with Indigenous peoples through a geographical lens of place. Also available online.

Research for Social Justice: A Community-Based Approach by Adje van de Sande & Karen Schwartz is written for students who are interested in exploring community based approaches in their research and their papers, with chapters on beginning research to how to write and present your report.

Doing Respectful Research: Power, Privilege and Passion by Susan A. Tilley focuses on the role power, privilege and passion play into the decisions of what gets researched, who is positioned as a  researcher or a participant and how data are collected, analyzed represented and publicized.

Giving Back: Research and Reciprocity in Indigenous Settings edited by RDK Herman addresses the need for reciprocity in the research process.


DS709 F3386 2018 v.1-2
法国画报记录的晚清(1846-1885) / 张霞, 李小玉译

DS776 H8983 2018
生活的逻辑 : 城市日常世界中的民国知识人(1927-1937) / 胡悦晗著

HE6185 C55 Z436 2018
德纳罗密档 : 1877年中国海关筹印邮票之秘辛 / 赵岳译著

LA1131 Z48 2019
清季民初的学制、学堂与经学 / 朱贞著

ND1049 W7845 A4 2019
风筝不断线 : 走进吴冠中的绘画世界 / 湖南省博物馆编

PL2781.N2 Z814 2019
林语堂传 : 中国文化重生之道 / 钱锁桥著

PL2886.O1684 Z9878 2018
个体生命视角下的莫言小说研究 / 张雪飞著

Z3109 M4545 2019
美國加州大學爾灣分校圖書館中文古籍目錄 / 張穎, (美)倪莉編


BL2017.85 N36 S23 2018
Vārkār Gurū Nānak / by Hardev Singh Sachar

PK2099.32 U76 D37 2018
Dastaka detī yādeṃ / Viśvambhara Purohita

PK2200 A2214 J34 2018
Jahan tera hai ya mera : novel / by Abdus Samad

PK2651 G55 2018
Moye mittran da moh : rekha-chitar / by Ninder Ghugianvi

PK2659 D467 S25 2019
Saltanat : novel : by Darshan S. Dhir

TX945.5 M33 T43 2018
McDonald’s सक्सेस story : विश्वप्रसिद्ध बर्गर कंपनी की शिखरगाथा / प्रदीप ठाकुर / by Pradeep Thakur


BQ8749 S557 N298 2018
親鸞の往生思想 / 内藤知康

DS822.3 T79 2018
幕末の江戶風俗 / 塚原渋柿園 著 ; 菊池真一 編

DS865.5 N358 2018
南北朝「内乱」 / 悪党研究会編

DS871.7 M375 2018
踏み絵とガリバー : 鎖国日本をめぐるオランダとイギリス / 松尾龍之介

HT612 C3816 2018
移民の子どもと世代間社会移動 : 連鎖する社会的不利の克服に向けて / OECD 編著 ; 木下江美, 布川あゆみ, 斎藤里美訳

NA8306 J22 N35 2018
茶室を感じる / 中村義明, 前田圭介

PL726.85 O43 2018
反ヘイト・反新自由主義の批評精神 : いま読まれるべき〈文学〉とは何か / 岡和田晃

PL763.7 T36 2018
十七字の戦争 : 川柳誌から見た太平洋戦争と庶民の暮らし / 田村義彦著


AC148 K5674 2018
치치암 일록 / 이 규대 譯

GT1755 K6 Y576 2018
조선 1637-1897 왕 의 옷 을 짓다 / 이 봉이 지음

MT6 C476 H36 2018
한국 음악 장단 의 역사 / 전 인평

PL972.7 S56 2018
방아쇠 수지 증후군 / 강 성남 외 지음

PL976.7 H86 2019
지정석 외 : 제 64회 現代 文學賞 수상 시집 / 안 미옥 [and nine others].

PL981.7 H866 v.64
모르그 디오라마 외 : 2019 제64회 現代文學賞 수상소설집 / 박민정 [and 10 others]

PL991.58 C4 2018 v.1-4
오 장환 전집 / 박 수연·노 자영·손 택수 편

PL994.9 S646 K34 2018
캣 콜링 : 이 소호 시집

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