Did you know that, in 1998, the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) was founded by John Willinsky in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC)? Its aim was and still is today to “improv[e] the scholarly and public quality of research”.

UBC “support[s] scholarly pursuits that contribute to knowledge and understanding within and across disciplines and seek[s] every opportunity to share them broadly” as outlined in the From UBC’s Place and Promise Strategic Plan and echoed in the Library’s Strategic Framework. Discover why PKP is a critical platform in open scholarly communications infrastructure via Digital Programs and Services at UBC Library.


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DS916.35 H37 2018
한국 의 정치 와 정치 이념 / 이 동수 외 지음

ML3502 K6 K5765164 2018
케이팝 의 작은 역사 : 신감각 의 미디어 / 김 성민

PL980.6 C483 v.10
2019 제 10회 젊은 작가상 수상 작품집

PL981.7 Y55 v.43
그들 의 첫 번째 와 두 번째 고양이 외 5편 : 2019년 제43회 이상 문학상 작품집 : 대상 수상작 윤 이형 의 / 윤 이형, 김 희선, 장 강명, 장 은진, 정 용준, 최 은영


DS750.72 X8966 2019
明清江南文士治生研究 / 徐永斌著

DS777.5195 W34 A5 2019
汪精衛政治論述新編 : 文章 · 演講 · 書信 · 電報 / 作者汪精衛

DS799.65 L56 2019
大航海時代 / 作者林偉盛

E183.8 C6 C475 2018
中美文化交流与比较研究 / 陈志章著

GN722 T28 L58 2019
史前人群與文化 / 作者劉益昌

NB1049 G36 2018
高云龙口述历史 / 高云龙口述 ; 陈正卿撰稿

PL2822 C3 W36 2019
汪精衛南社詩話 : 汪精衛以「曼昭」署名之文學評論 / 作者汪精衛

PL2851 S5 Z57 2019
紫罗兰的魅影 : 周瘦鹃与上海文学文化(1911-1949) / 陈建华著

PL2929.5 N49 S49 2019
伸出蘭花指 : 對一個男旦的陳述 / 章詒和

PN5367 I44 C44 2018
左圖右史与西學东漸 : 晚清画报研究 / 陈平原著


BQ8743.2 B848 2018
仏教英書伝道のあけぼの / 編著中西直樹, 那須英勝, 嵩満也

DS891 N365 2018
噓に支配される日本 / 中野晃一 , 福島みずほ.

DS897 T675 M55 2018
三河吉田城 : 今川・松平が奪いあった「水城」 / 岩原剛編

GT2915 S555 2018
茶の湯の羽箒 : 知られざる鳥の文化誌 / 下坂玉起

HV8699 J3 K65 2018
袴田事件これでも死刑なのか / 小石勝朗

JC573/2 J3 N348 2018
保守と大東亜戦争 / 中島岳志

NK4168 K87 N35 2018
京焼 : 伝統と革新 / 中ノ堂一信

PL675 O823 Y38 2018
大槻文彦「言海」 : 辞書と日本の近代 / 安田敏朗

PL719.79 B86 2019
文化装置としての日本漢文学 / 滝川幸司, 中本大, 福島理子, 合山林太郎編

TT872.5 E396 2019
英訳付き折り紙帖 / 小林一夫監修

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